Dominic byrracial in progress. What is missing?



He’s gorgeous! Maybe more blushing and shading but he looks great right now.


more pink on the eyelids?


Those look great! Maybe the cheeks, chin, nose and around the forehead?


Oh thank you very much :grinning:


Youre welcome! Wait to see what others say before you make any changes. I like to watch all4reborns speed painting. She usually applies several stages of blushing.


Ok thank’s for help :smiley:


I think he’s perfect. Put some eyelashes, brows and a body on him then give him a kiss and call him done. :kissing_heart:


:joy: hahaha how I laughed, thank you, you are my afternoon​:rofl::kissing_heart:


Honestly, I can’t see anything but missing eyebrows and lashes. His coloring is spot on, including his highlights and lowlights. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes:


thank you very much, just finish the blushes, tomorrow I continue :grin:cejas and lastas when roots the hair


Excuse my Google translation :joy::joy::kissing_heart:


Can you please explain highlights, lowlights and midtone? Pretty please with a cherry on top?


He looks great! I wanna know how you got that colour? I try, but always end up looking muddy :frowning:


so that it does not remain with spots I’ll give it thin layers with a sponge and then with another one and run off in a paper towel so it does not accumulate in one place, I do not have much experience i just try it , excuse my Google translation :smile:


What flesh color?


as I am a beginner I only buy flesh 08 and flesh 02 the lightest and the strongest hahaha, in the first layers the two together and then the flesh 02 :grinning:I think what I did


Looks great so far!


He looks good


Yes, I’ll say maybe some shading but other than that he looks great!!!:smiley::slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the good work!!