Ebay fraud cleanup



Those are 16 inch preemie size reborns from China.On the back of them it says Kaydora doll on the body tag of one of them. Haven’t looked to see if other has a body tag.


I bought a Coco Malu from China a long time ago because it was for myself and I wasn’t going to sell it. It looks like my granddaughter who is half Filipina. Well, never again. It is 16" not 20" as advertised; it has much less finer detail in general, and the vinyl is weird. I will do another someday when I can afford a real Coco Malu, but right now I can’t throw away a baby that looks like my granddaughter.

I used Tibby to make her brother.


At least the kits resemble a baby.Those so called reborn babies are dolls pure and simple.I don’t think they would look much better if I totally re-do them.They would still look dolly.I forgot to mention that the dolls have a weight bag in the butt that feels crunchy but like big pieces of whatever.


Beautiful work Mary Jane…such detail …


MJ OMG how much fun would that be if you opened it up and found a bunch of money someone hid in there because they figured dad wouldnt sell mom’s doll?


Totally pitiful aren’t they?I may try to re-do at least one of them for her.Nothing will ever make any of those so called reborns look like a real baby though.I can not imagine anybody that has ordered one of those to be happy with it.I trimmed and styled ones hair today and that didn’t help at all,just made the plugs more obvious.lol


Those are familiar…what kit do you think they copied? And that looks like that viscous wool that some people use instead of hai



Both the above kits have been removed from EBAY.
See what you can do?


It has been an amazing, fulfilling 24 hours. I sent the red list (see pic) to EBAY executives since their minions did NOTHING to help me and overnight the list went from only 2 no longer registered, to only two still active. Even OWENi11as197 is finally shut down.

Most of these people had sold ALL their “reborns” and were settling in to wait for the 21 day collecting receivables period, or when the empty package reached the duped buyer, Looks like a lotta wasted effort because no doubt they have been shut down by paypal and allowed to collect NOTHING. just like their innocent buyers.
So here you go, enjoy


Look at this email I received from a seller who was selling boxed berengeurs for $7 no S&H.
When I sent her the first email stating what she was doing was illegal, she wrote back "do not understand’
It looks like she must’ve taken a course in English in only a matter of days. I wrote her back and told her how shameful it is to use your children to get sympathy.
And it vaguely sounds like she is offering a bribe? Or is it just me?

BTW The Feedback she has is as a buyer not a seller:


I came across a Npk doll at a flea market and the woman at her booth had told me how she got screwed by the company and how the “reborn doll” was nothing as the description was suppose to be, she paid almost $100.00 for a doll i say wouldn’t be worth more then $19.00. I so hate these China and Hong Kong companies that lie and steal because they suck and can’t paint anything but fake finger nails. The lady gave me permission to take some photos of this Fake Npk Reborn Doll. The only thing cute about this fake is the dress and i bet its stolen also
Click to view the whole photo


I see that one has what appears to be painted hair instead of the pluggy troll hair that is on most of them.


That thing is horrible. Those eyelashes! :scream:


Thats what I was thinking…looks like they just stuck some adult false eyelashes on the top of the eyelid.


That wouldn’t surprise me actually. It would be a cheap solution. They don’t seem to care that it looks horrible anyways.
I’ve even read descriptions of those things where they say the eyelashes may fall off, but that that’s no reason to complain because you can just glue them back on.


:joy:…oh sure, no problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just wish people would open not as described cases. If they put this thing next to the photo from the listing, eBay/PP would give them their money back and they would not even have to send it back. If enough people did that, and left negative FB, sooner or later the sellers would give up.