Ebayer 0 feedback?


I clearly have it stated that if an ebayer has less than 5 feedback, they need to contact me before bidding to avoid cancellation of their bid, due to non payers
So, I have a bid from a 0 feedback
How do i cancell the bid from that person?
I have several other bids


I would not cancel, everybody has to start somewhere, and if you cancel the other people might get suspicious that you were just trying to work out what their max bids were. And some people then cancel their bids as well…

It is much better to set your preferences such a way that low feedback bidders have to have their accounts confirmed. That sorts out people who only bid to cause problems.

But if you have to, just go to the bidding history (click on the number of bids) and cancel that person.


I’ve stated clearly in the first sentence, under 5 contact me before bidding to avoid cancellation of ur bid, due to non paying bidders. I can’t even find this person on e-bay


I agree that everyone has to start somewhere. But they need to start by purchasing inexpensive things from the bulk sellers on there. They could easily build up a lot of positive feedbacks that way. No need to start by trying to buyer a several hundred dollar doll. :grimacing:


I would contact ebay yourself. I hate buyers like that. I once had to relist the same doll three times due to people who would not pay.


Yes, I’ve already had this problem with this doll. It was a buy it now. Bidder with 0 feedbsck and never paid. Then i still had to give bidder a 2 week chance before I could relist. I reported and blocked that person. I was not happy at all


If they DID NOT contact you…I would cancel.

Any one who is new and is TRYING to create a good profile
would do as you say and follow your instructions to contact you.


My not payers and the most of the awful bidders all had hundreds of feedbacks. I had 0 FB buyers and had no problems. If somebody really wanted to just mess with your auction they can bid in the last moment and there is nothing you can do about it. eBay gives you the option to limit low FB bidders to those who are not verified. Why do you think that just because somebody contacts you they will pay?
Many peple access eBay on their phones and I bet they do not scroll down. I am forever answering question about details which are clearly spelled out in the description.

But it’s up to you, cancel the bid if it makes you feel better. But the 0 bidder will most likely get beaten anyway.


Just remember that if you cancel that bid the bids that followed will go down as well. It’s amazing what taking one bid off can do. Have you tried to message the person through Ebay? New users can still be honest and have every intention of paying!


It would only go down a few $ .
I’ve searched this bidder and can not find it, do that to me is a bit off


How can anyone even bid if they aren’t listed as a Ebay member??? This sounds really strange to me too.


That’s what I’m trying to figure out, I’m racking my brains


They cannot bid if they are not on eBay.
I do not do auctions any more, so I am not sure how much info can seller see about bidders, but I know eBay gives less and less info about members. There was a time that we could all see who we bid against, while now only the seller can see.


This is what I get when I search this bidder


Cancel that person. Not worth the stress he/she put you through.

I hate ebay. I cancelled my account.


If they aren’t able to read and follow your request, then I would cancel them. They probably aren’t reading any of the description, either.


Well, I did cancel the bid, only then was I able to find this bidder. I canceled a feel much better


That was the right decision! Too many people are too tolerant and forgiving of unacceptable behaviour and end up being scammed.


I agree. This isn’t a case of giving someone a chance. It’s a matter of following directions and being respectful of the artist’s wishes.


What is unacceptable? Bidding with 0 FB? It is not against eBay rules. Conditions made up by members are not enforceable. But you are free to cancel who ever you want.

Scammers do not do anything that brings attention to them. Scammers know how things work and would buy few cheap items to have enough FB.