Edit. Turning this thread into a reborn redo thr


Scroll for the photos of the baby I’m redoing. Lol


I wouldn’t charge her either but if she gives you something you should accept because she is doing so like you - from the heart!


That’s exactly it. She asked me what the cost of the supplies are. But I have never divided up the cost before. Which is why I just posted this. I didn’t ask nor do I expect payment. I’m simply asking what the cost per doll for supplies would be. From those who have taken the time to figure it out. Because she asked me. Simple


You offered and you can think of it as a Christmas present to both of them. Maybe just fix her cheeks and eyes. Weight and stuff properly and send her back. She didnt want her redone. :slight_smile:


I have never sold a baby so I can’t help more than that!


I would. But I can’t. She needs to be stripped. There’s no way to go over the old paint and make it look ok. The best and easiest way is to strip it and start over. Rather than try to fix an awful paint job


But I think it’s up to her :). I do understand where you are coming from but it is for a little girl. If there is a lot of expense on top of what she has already spent it may not be worth it for her.


Can you post more pictures


Let me explain before I let this thread die. I did NOT ASK FOR MONEY.
I offered to try and fix the original paint. Or I could redo her because that would be easier.
She asked me what the supplies cost because it ended up being more work. And then told me how disappointed she was when she got the doll.

She wanted to compensate me for my time. I did not at any point ask her for money. I just wanted to know what others charge per doll for materials alone.

Edit to add. This was not a simple bad paint job. She was stuffed with dirty bits of plastic and dirty polyfill. Her eyelashes were clumped together and her eyes were covered in a hazy sticky film that had leaked onto her cheek

And now I want to let this die. Ugh. BB needs a thread delete button.


Maybe try something like $50-$75…I’m sure the purchaser would love to pay the new artist more, but maybe already spent their limit. $50 seems to be a manageable amount, but I’ve also never stripped a baby and started over from scratch. Good luck!!


They do need a thread delete button! But sometimes they will delete a post if you ask them to. Just tag @bbsupport and ask. :slight_smile:


Here. This is after I scraped the sticky stuff off the corner of her eye. And removed her clumped eyelashes.


Yikes!!! You have your work cut out for you!!


So I’ve been following both this thread and the original"

a) you are a total sweetheart for doing this for mom. We need more people in the world like you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

b) YIKES it really does look like they just whacked on some red and left it at that. How awful. I hope the original buyer reports the seller in some scam groups.

c) I agree with @pebblypoo $50-75 would be reasonable in this re-reborning situation, assuming of course that you already had all materials on hand. If you had to order anything specific I would charge more.

Looking forward to seeing the completed kit, I hope you’ll just change this thread to a progress thread instead of deleting it. I have two dolls that need to be redone and am interested to see the process. Keep up all the awesome work!


The only thing I have to buy is new eyes and windsor and newton to strip. Mostly because I thought I had some but I don’t. I may go with acetone.
The rest I have already.


What kit is this? It’s cute. She would be lovely with big big eyes like this one. :blush:


Is that the honey kit? That’s what I think anyway.


Woops, I should have made that clearer. I was asking about the kit you are fixing. Then I posted an example of a reborn with huge eyes. The one I posted is Lillian. Curious to know which one YOU have.

(I do love Honey and Sugar as well!)


Ahh. Gotcha. Its Presly awake. Or however you spell it. Lol