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I just looked up some completed Presleys. What a cutie! She’s going to be amazing when you’re finished with her!


I love this kit!! Maybe you can do washes to tone down the red with mint green and even flesh washes then do the creasing and mottling. The filling is awful but it shouldnt cost much to fill her properly:).


Wow, what a mess she was! I’d love to see the progress on this one.


What color and size eyes are you looking for?


I did not know that was Presley Awake, wow. I have that kit, and that is a pretty baby!


I believe Presley takes 20 mm. And she wants blue. The doll came with blue but they are cheap looking.


I will check and see what I have in the morning. If I have some you are welcome to them.


Great! Let me know. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


This is the last one I made using 22 mm eyes.


This one has the 20 mm eyes. Please excuse the lighting.


22 looks better. Imo. Thanks. I never would have known to go up a size


I love this forum…it’s full of fabulous people with huge hearts. The world needs more of this. Would also love to see more progress pics. Keep up the great work!!


I wonder who sells the big eyes like this? I dig em!


I’m not sure, but you could always trying asking Elizabeth at Cuddle Doon Nursery. She has a Facebook page.


Honestly that would be more work than just taking the old paint off. The coloring is so bright in person it would take me 200 washes to cover it. Lol.
Ill be picking up some stripper asap to take the paint off


Please don’t delete, we’re all so interested to see the finished baby this child gets from Santa. I give babys away so I consider my costs @ 20-25$ &then add the cost of eyes. I already have all the supplies so I probably under estimate my costs & obviously don’t run a business. I might charge her only what I actually had to buy to fix this baby. If I had 22 eyes I would donate them to you. Good luck This is a labour of love & we all appreciate the hard work you are donating


taylorsgirl, I am so sorry but I totally forgot to check my eyes today. I will most definitely do that in the morning and let you know. I am not sure but I think I have 20s and 22s but need to check and check the color.


No problem. I have to stop by Michaels this weekend for Windsor and Newton to strip the doll. Thankfully I’m home all the time so i have plenty of time to get the doll re done and sent back before Christmas.


Here is a picture of the two sizes. As you can see one is darker than the other. Both are Bountiful Baby eyes.
The top ones are 22 mm and the bottom ones are 20 mm.


The bigger ones are perfect. :heartpulse: