I totally forgot about the Olga Auer contest. I was to late :disappointed: and the sad part is that he has been finished for month. I just didn’t get to take pictures. Here he is. I love him so much.


You did a wonderful job on him!

I do not know the rules of her contest but I think they are redoing the contest so people can add Noel to the kits used if they want.

Olga Auer right?


Oh really?! Thanks!!!


It says any Auer kit can be used



Wow, what a beautiful baby…hope you still get to enter!


Love the painted hair.


He is sooo realistic, beautiful baby!


Gorgeous baby! Love the hair!


He’s perfect!! You did an awesome job on his hair!! Love it.


Cute…cute…cute…LOVE that painted hair!!! Just like “sparse” rooting…I have a hard time with “lightly” painted hair…I ALWAYS end up with hairy babies…:grin:


He’s beautiful! Loving all the details!


He is perfect!


Amazing work! So realistic!




He is adorable!!! So big and cuddley! Now I want to do mine! Good luck on the contest, I’m glad you get to enter him!!!


So beautiful; I am such a big fan of your work! :blue_heart:


Thanks. Sadly I didn’t make it on time. He wont be in the contest.
You are going to love this guy. He has the best detail I have ever work with. I love him so much that I got 2 more :grin:
His feet are meh, but his lips, nouse and hands are incredible.


I’m glad you liked be him so much!!! Is he going to be your keeper? :heart:


What a beautiful baby that mottling is fantastic and the hair is so perfect!


I love him too! Gosh I just love your work!