Ethnic Naomi

Here’s my ethnic Naomi! I had so much fun painting her!! I liked her outfit so much I’m getting another one for a baby that will go in my personal collection!


She’s precious !! That is an adorable outfit !

What a cutie!

Both baby and outfit are adorable!

Beautiful coloring.

Wow she’s so beautiful!!!

She is just gorgeous! AA is so difficult for me and your work puts my efforts to shame. Beautiful presentation too! Lovely hair!

Beautiful!! Outfit is cute. Where did you purchase it from?

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What kind of mohair did you use? It’s so pretty.

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Very pretty baby!

Thank you guys so much!!! I used Slumberland Mohair and the outfit came from Babies R Us. They’re currently having a sale on clothes FYI. Painting ethnic babies was a challenge for me and still is but I just keep working on it. I combined Kate Charles’ tutorial with Brooke Nicole’s tutorial and it really helped me a lot. The ethnic tones came from using flesh 04, burnt umber and raw sienna. I added blue as needed to keep out the orange. Don’t give up though. I like looking at pictures of newborn ethnic babies and that helps too as far as where to place the colors. Below I’ve included a progress photo.


I have Kate’s tutorial and it is excellent! Brooke is too pricey for what she delivers! Your baby is lovely!

Sooo cute! The best naomi I’ve seen.

Oh my goodness! She is precious!

Awww love it!

So pretty :two_hearts::two_hearts:

She is beautiful!!!

She’s adorably cute xx

She looks like the cutest little cocoa bean. Her color and outfit are perfect, so girlie love her.

She’s adorable! I say this all the time, but I love seeing brown babies. :heart_eyes: Yours is beautiful.