Everything but the eyelashes.....Yael


Reborn Yael, painting done, yet to get eyelashes.


So cute!! I love the offset eyes! Just perfect :slight_smile:


He really turned out cute. I also love the eye positioning… which remains a mystery to me unless I’m using full rounds. How do you all do this??


I need to know that too, lol!


Thanks…I don’t understand what you’re asking about the offset eyes. I use half-round acrylic. To position them all you have to do is push on one side of the eyeball, from the inside…


I can’t usually get half rounds that far to the side and even if I could, they do not stay that way.


He is so stinking cute! I love the eyes, fits perfectly with his expression


Me too! @DollyPardon
@Simone does that mean that the eyeball is sticking out inside the socket? Or do you use smaller eyes? I know I am asking weird questions and you don’t have to answer. :upside_down_face:


He is so adorable! Love him :heart:


So adorable. Really like the position of the eyes


Wow Simone! He’s gorgeous! Great job! I love his eye position too!


She is so perfect! I use the BB EL lashes in light brown. You may not need to trim them down, as far as the length of the individual lashes goes. However, I usually cut down the length of the thread so that they don’t curve around the whole lid. Cut from the longer lash end to shorten the thread.


What an adorable baby!


My I ask what eye size you used because I have this kit also and im not sure what eyes it uses.


Oh golly dolly!!! That is the sweetest little face!!!


Rosa it’s listed on MacPherson’s as requiring 20mm eyeballs and that is what I used.

Anne no I never use smaller eyeballs than what is called for. I took the eyeballs out right now so I can’t actually look but I suppose the one edge of the eyeball might be a few mm’s higher than the other, once they are in the socket, seated and tilted. But it doesn’t feel like it’s coming up out of the socket or anything.

Thank you all.

It’s funny, the Yaels I see online look newborn, but mine doesn’t have that newborn look; he looks older!


I’ll try it again on Kitten.


What does EL refer to?


Eyelashes------not sure.


I think Lynn may be right…eyelashes. The Baby EL lashes are different than the BB wispy ones.