Eyebrow placement for Emmy


Does this look like I have the eyebrows placed correctly? I will lighten these and use them for guides if they are. :slight_smile:


Looks right to me. Here she is compared to my bushy browed Raymond


Personally I would thin the top of the brow some especially if she is going to be blonde.I think your placement is great and love the lip color. Too thick for me but thats just me, its for you to decide what you like. I haven’t started my Emmy yet seems too big a task right now. Can’t wait to see her finished.:heart_eyes:


Thinned them a little. I started her back in April…then she said in the closet for 7 months bc it was such a big task especially with the way I had to bake it.




Placement looks good, but they look a bit thick.


I notice with doing eyebrows they are more narrow near the nose and fuller at the outside of the iris
(See the photo of the baby) I feel yours are slight too wide also .