Family Movie night tonight


The plan was to have it outside but it rained all day. So hubby set it up in his shed. Cartoon first then National treasure then a quiet place!


So, where’s the party? You have the best times outdoors.


Oh wow, you guys know how to have fun! I would love to watch movies with family and friends like that. Im so homesick sometimes!
I want to see A Quiet Place…good movie to watch around Halloween, think Ill save it until then :wink:


Looks like fun!


That’s so fun! And how awesome to have so much family live so close !:heart:


My room has a tin roof like that… I just want to know how you all heard the movies through the rain! lol


It was really fun and the family really needed it. We had 9 more come in just after it started. We had popcorn nachos and cheese and candy. @Lil I bet you do, there’s no place like home. Maybe you will get a chance to visit…? It is a very suspenseful movie might a good one to save :wink:.


It just drizzled by movie time. Hubby like most men loves his sound system so I worried more about disturbing our neighbor lol.


How fun. I’m disturbed by all the jackets. I don’t like cold weather. It’s in the 90s here still.


I am disturbed by them too lol, I dread this time of year it marks the miserable tundra cold weather that is soon to ensue :sob:. I hate being cold.


Oh that’s great!! Family movie night is the greatest!! Enjoy


This is family movie night? Wow! Usually that means my little an I with popcorn, a million pillows and we watch a Disney movie (we usually fall asleep).

Love your gathering.


You just have all the fun @Reefbubbles !! :slight_smile:


Now hubby is getting spoiled, he thinks his 54” t.v. In our tiny, mind you, living room Is just too small lol. I guess he wants his football players actual size as he watches.


So Blessed! I miss my family so much :disappointed_relieved::revolving_hearts:


OMG National Treasure is one of my favorite movies!!! I love Nicolas Cage!!! :grinning: :heart:


@Lil I thought the quiet place was a big let down. If you watch it let us know what you thought.


It is not really scary was the family consensus just suspenseful


I will…I don’t like a lot of scary movies but I like suspense.