Favorite Comedy Movie?


I know we have discussed our favorite movies and shows, but want to narrow it down. Horrors/thrillers are my favorite genre in movies so the month of October for movies is spectacular. However, I love a good comedy, too. So, what is your favorite or recommended comedy movie? For me, two standouts are Funny Farm and Money Pit.


Definitely Dumb and Dumber. It’s my favorite comedy movie to watch with my best friend. And See No Evil, Hear No Evil. It’s a ridiculous movie. A blind guy befriends a deaf guy and they have to solve a murder they’re accused of. Sean of the Dead and Paul. Love those guys in a good movie. I forgot to add Spy. Just so much to laugh at but it’s explicit.


Anything with Robin Williams. Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams top the list for me.


Raising Arizona is my all time favorite but I would also have to list Nacho Libre, Mean Girls, What About Bob?

I was at Lake Winnipesaukee this summer and freaking out! Lol


You should have yourself a comedy marathon tonight!!! How many Dumb and Dumber movies are there?


I watched that recently, and still laugh at Mrs Doubtfire. It’s one of his best.


There’s 2 but only one is any good. Yes I need to. I have bath stuff, a nice book and I can watch some comedy. I need to laugh after crying so much today. Can you recommend anything else?


I thought I was the only who loved raising Arizona. That movie is funny and sad and a lot of awesomeness. My son likes Mean Girls hehe.


An Arrested Development marathon always cheers me up. It’s on Netflix. I really like Reno 911! too but it’s really crass.


I like Reno 911. I love raunchy and crass haha. I listed Spy a severely raunchy movie.


I love the Coen brothers :slight_smile: I know it’s neither comedy nor Coen brothers but did you see Frances McDormand in Three Billboards? Oh my wow.


I’ve never seen that before. What are some of their best movies? What about The Other Guys?


Well, technically it’s a dark comedy. But very dark. I laughed a lot :neutral_face: Some other Coen brothers movies- Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?


Oh Brother where art thou! Yes! That one is hilarious with excellent music. :joy:


My favorite comedy movies are step brothers n Norbit.


Step Brothers reminded me I forgot all about Ricky Bobby!!!




I’m not a huge fan of Robin Williams’s humor, but this one is really funny. I actually liked him better in his serious roles(One Hour Photo and Final Cut).


Have never watched them because of Jim Carrey. I’ve only found him funny in his short sketches on In Living Color. Feel the same way about Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell, too. I can only take them in small doses.:grinning:
Edited to say that The Cable Guy was tolerable.


Yes! Almost any Eddie Murphy movie is hilarious!:joy: I remember seeing Coming to America at the movies and getting stupid with laughter.:rofl: