Feedback on ethnic skin tone please


My first ethnic baby. What do you think of the skin tone? Is it okay or Too light, too yellow, any feedback welcome. I was going for the biracial skintone and she will have blue eyes.
I’m not sure if I should go darker or leave alone.


Shading the creases in a slightly darker tone would make it pop more, I think.


It is a little yellow and the lips are a bit dark for the skin tone it has now. I think if you darken the tone a little more it will be great. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Looks too yellow to me but it could just be the light. Are you happy with her, cause that’s what matters.


I decided to go darker, and I haven’t done my creases and need to do more blushing yet.


The yellow tone is coming from the window sunshine I think.


I was going to suggest going a bit darker especially since you will be using blue eyes. I like what you have now.


do the creases and shading around creases in a brown not red and only do a little blushing. This baby is going to be beautiful when you’re done. What hair are you using? I think a wavy dark ash blonde would be very nice with her tone.


Thanks for the tip about the creases shading! I hate rooting so I was going to try and paint swirly curls, but I have no idea what color.
I was going to try a very dark brown almost black. I don’t think any other color would show up well enough