Finally finished Ephram

She’s making her debut as a girl but is a pretty cute boy, too. I won’t bore you with all the pictures, but here’s a few.






She’s adorable. Great job.


So Adorable :heart:

She’s very sweet. Haven’t seen too many as a girl.

Does she take a modified or full paci?

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You never bore us with photos, share away! This baby is gorgeous! I was loving her as a girl, kept scrolling and then wow, there was this adorable boy. Will you choose one or offer either?

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I love Ephram as a girl! So sweet! And outfit is so girly! I hope she will stay as a girl :heart_eyes:
Plus there is no such thing as too many pictures!

Oh! I love her as a girl! She looks so sweet and content :slightly_smiling_face:

So cute either way! Post away :slight_smile:


I made a modified pacifier for her. A full one doesn’t fit all the way in her mouth. Neither does her thumb. When the prototype contest is over I’m going to add a tongue and list her as boy or girl. Once I put in the tongue she’ll need a magnetic pacifier.


Thank you all so much. I’m really pleased with how she turned out because she’s probably not a kit I would have ordered if not for the contest. She grew on me as I worked on her and now I like her a lot.


Wow I love love love your girl version!!

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Aw, thank you.


I love her skin tones. Mine is not turning out so well so far. I got a little orange and I am stuck in color correction hell. I am not giving up!

She is lovely! You did a great job.

Contest baby?

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She is really beautiful. Where do you get a tongue?

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LOLOL! I’ve been there. She is a contest baby. I submitted my entry yesterday.


Thank you. I made the tongue out of Sculpey.

Great Job! So cute!

So cute! Love her :heart_eyes:

I got her outfit, including headband, at for $6.97 + shipping.

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