Finally posted my dragon!


Since we had (yet another) day off school due to a hurricane, I finally got around to posting my baby dragon for sale on reborns. Here’s his link if anyone wants to check him out or cheer him on!

Also, what do you think of the price? I have no idea how to price a baby like this, and I’m afraid he might be overpriced. :confused:


No idea on price, but I love him! He was my favorite from the challenge! I’d adopt him if I could lol


Me too! He’s so cute :slight_smile: How did you make the fire? Is it magnetized?


He is amazing! Those details like his hands and fire are just incredible!


I’m not real up on customary pricing, but from what I have seen other dolls listed as, and from all the apparent extra work you did, I don’t think the price is at all high. If anything, I might say go up a little. But, I really think you are fine with it right where you are. JMO


Very creative! Your price is good. That baby looks like a lot of work!


I agree your price is definitely not too high, it is so original, you know when you look at it that you will never find another one like it!


He’s so cute! He’s a true OOAK and I’d charge more if I were you. Does he comes with the toy knight?


I used the Insta-morph to make the fire. It’s magnetized - I just pushed a magnet into the end while it was still warm, then put a piece of foil between his mouth and the flame to get it to shape to his mouth without adhering to the vinyl (if that makes sense lol)


Yes, his little knight lovey is included!


That’s so stinkin’ adorable. The metal onesie, the claws, and fire shooting out his mouth and the knight. You should also try alternative reborns on Facebook. He’d sell sell fast. He’s cute and original.


Amazing!! This baby is one of my favorite alternative reborns ever. Your price looks perfect; best of luck on the sale!


Thanks everyone! He was a challenge but I loved making him! The metal “onesie” is actually a custom body made by @RoseannsBoutique, which was perfect for him!


You’re so talented and creative! Everyone put so much effort into this!


I was wondering about that, it is the perfect touch!


I love him! How did you make his webbing? And did you attach the features as a last step? I think he’s amazing!


I used Instamorph moldable plastic plus the pigment pack (I got it relatively inexpensively on Amazon) for his webbing and other features. I experimented with different ways to attach it, but in the end the best, easiest, and most secure way was to just place it on the vinyl while it was still hot and it adhered on its own. It’s surprisingly difficult to remove from the vinyl once cooled. There was definitely a learning curve, but it’s forgiving (before sticking it to the vinyl anyway) because if you don’t like the way a piece turned out, just reheat it in water and try again. I learned to keep a pot of water boiling on the stove, and then just dip a piece in the water for a few seconds when I wanted to tweak something. It was a lot of trial and error, but I’m pleased with how he turned out!


Here is the proof that you did an amazing job. I do not even like alternatives and I’m back again for another look. :joy:


Very sweet and unique baby! $400 is definitely not too high, he’s worth every penny.


What a great idea!! He’s super cute!!!