Finished another little outfit


For my Jade. I just may have to keep this sweet baby…she’s so cuddly!


so adorable


Lovely work, your knitting is exceptional. Love the outfit.


Beautiful Baby and Knit outfit :grinning:


Oh I love her! Great job!


you make these lovely outfits, wish I could knit. Beautiful


Beautiful outfit. You sure can whip these out!


What a beautiful outfit. You are so talented.


Thank, ladies! I’m enjoying knitting again. I did a lot when my oldest son was born. I’ve also done a lot of crocheting, but I like the look of knitting more


Do you ever take orders?


I might :slight_smile: Do you have any5hing in mind?


What would you charge for two outfits like you made above?


Send me a pm.


I’ve been looking online for cute patterns. I didn’t forget about what I asked you!



Ditto on the PM, I’d like to know what you would charge for a knitted set. @Mommarobin


I would charge $35 USD that’s done in regular acrylic yarn


Is the one above a newborn size or 3 months?




It’s a 0-3 months