First ethnic/ AA baby on Ebay <nervous>


This baby took me YEARS to finish, I just kept getting frustrated and I would put her down, months rolled by and I would and pick her up again. She is now a sold-out kit ( hopefully, this will help my sales!!) :smile: She is my first ethnic baby so I am beyond nervous and know she is not perfect, but I just love this baby and almost kept her for myself. Anyway, please help me cheer her on!


She looks lovely, good luck with the sale!




She’s sweet. I hope you set a reserve because she’s worth way more than the current bid.


Yes please put a reserve on her.If not the ebay pros will slow down the bids and try to snag her dirt cheap


I didn’t set a reserve @jeanhai and @Toutlaw I’m inexperienced at selling and honestly, insecure about my work and wouldn’t know what to set it at. Thank you for your advise guys, I guess the more I sell, the more I will learn. :slight_smile:


Oh those locks are lovely! I think she’s so sweet! I want to hold her!


Thank you @Pitmom390! I thought I was going to blow out my wrist rooting that head, but hopefully it was worth it and she will make someone happy.


She’s so sweet, good luck!!!


She is so beautiful


She is gorgeous; did you get what you wanted for her?


Thank you @ludmila! Yes, I actually got more than I expected to. She’s going all the way to London, so that makes me a bit more nervous that something will go wrong along the way. Plus, the customer paid so much, I just hope that she is pleased when the baby gets there. I took a ton of pictures as close-up as my camera would focus, so there shouldn’t be any surprises, but you never know. The waiting time before the customer actually receives the doll is the most stressful part of the entire reborning process for me :weary:


I do not think the customer paid too much; she looks worth that amount you got. Just pack her well, include samples of all the stuffing and filling you used, and send her with signature on delivery, on line trackable. It will be fine. Even if it may costs more than the buyer paid. I find that often when I send O/S the amount eBay works out for postage is not adequate; but the few extra dollars are my protection, and I always pay the extra.


Sweet sale. Congratulations!