First prismacolor attempt-critique/advice sought


I had a babydoll sitting around and I’ve been wanting to try drawing hair without risking a kit. I decided to give it a go. I wish the head wasn’t molded, but that being said I’d love some tips or feedback from you guys.


I think you’re doing well, maybe if you give the hair some “movement” it might look a little more realistic. Keep going, you’re learning!!


That looks SO much better than mine!


What would be considered “movement”?


I Love it!!! I think it’s better than mine I’ve been doing lol


She means(I THINK) that the hair should not be stick straight but curve some.Though we have a couple real babies with stick straight hair in the family that never seems to curve because it is barely there.You are doing much better than my first tries.


Yes Sarah, Maryjane was right, I was making reference to a little curvature to the hair here and there. There is nothing wrong with straight hair sometimes it looks a little better on the dolls if it has a little movement.