Found monkey now I'm on a mad hunt for Meredith


I am on a rampage to find Meredith by bonnie brown, please let me know if you have her!! I will also take a Caucasian bald baby.


*I know she’s on eBay but $265 is steep


I pass up my dream for 400. The lady was rude to me, but now I wish I had sucked it up. Another hasn’t come up since. Sigh


Sometimes you have to pay the kings ransom for your “Dream” bc the opportunity may not come back around. With that said…you may find one cheaper, but how long are you willing to wait?


Or worst case not cheaper or not at all. :cry:


Well I can’t get them reborned until summer anyway


I’m just crying about Quinlynn, lol. All of these prices are ridiculous but looking back why didn’t I buy her. Now I can’t find her. :cry: there is a silicone kit for but I don’t want to screw her up! That’s way to much money.


I’ve been looking for Meredith too… none to be found :frowning:


She’s on ebay.


I made my Meredith into an alien. Not done with her yet but maybe I should strip and sell her lol


@taylorsgirl She’s cute!! I like her!! If you do end up stripping and selling let me know I’ll take her off your hands, but I think you should keep going! :slight_smile:


Still looking :slight_smile:




:pray: She can’t be completely gone I hope someone has her!


I’ve never Wanted a kit so much… except maybe stinker and I found him so I’m holding out hope for her


Anybody at all have her? I’m sure someone does!


Bump :slight_smile: Willing to pay a pretty penny


bump :moneybag: i hate this wait, lol, i’ve posted on about every other website too and nothing it’s making me go crazy :grin:


I think i found her as long as the sale goes through should have her by next year!! :slight_smile:


Ha, just kidding, I’m looking again lol!