Fur baby thread!


@RebornsbyCaro Do you have any idea how old this kitty may be? I am thinking around 5 weeks, but I’m not super experienced with kitties. He has sharp teeth, that’s for sure! But I’m wondering if he may need formula still.


Another pic because cuteness


Hard to say. I’d have to look at his teeth! Lol
I’d guess by the color of his eyes that his 6 maybe seven weeks old. I’d offer him canned cat food every three or four hours. You might even need to add some water to that if he doesnt know how to chew. Kittens that age can go into fatal hypoglycemia pretty fast. How are his gums? Do they look pale? If so, you can rub some honey on them.


I’d say eight weeks judging by this pic. He’s going to be stunning :heart_eyes:


Probably between 6-8weeks, by the size, but the vet will know with touching the skull and the teeth.


@RebornsbyCaro @Leabelle His face is super full and fluffy and the body is very small and undernourished. I’m hoping he will make it and I can fatten him up. That face I couldn’t say no to!!!


Please give us updates !


I will check the gums out in the morning. He’s resting pretty peacefully now and has some mashed up wet down kitty food and some water. I’m thinking I may have to shave him in a few small spots. I don’t want him to be cold though!


Oh I will!


Also I am worried about the swollen lymph node on his little neck :disappointed_relieved:


Thank God for people like you. He’ll probably bounce back in no time


Few picks of my cat she loves the sink, bath tub she loves the water. She also likes to play with the string from balloons and full of personality she is a year old




Please keep us updated about this little fellow. Thank you for taking him in.



Soooooo cute!!!


My cats are asleep in all photos and are cross.maine coons, the largest cat breed in the world! They are not even half the weight of a full coonie. They are mostly fur though!


Thank you


She’s adorable!


@RebornsbyCaro @Leabelle

The young prince is looking a little more bright eyed after a night of food and water. The vet says to come get wormer while we are waiting to get in and we will go from there.


Took these pics last night. They finally have their summer haircuts done