Fur baby thread!


Poor little guy. Did the vet put a shunt in or is the absess just draining on it’s own? I swear I should have been a vet or nurse. Lol


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That face!!


No. We hadn’t gotten in. They had a cancellation today. This is good because the first 48 hrs were kind of touch and go and I didn’t want to pay a ton of money in vet bills if he wasn’t going to make it. That sounds awful, I know. Hopefully we will get some antibiotics and whatever else he needs. I’m so glad it drained on its own. I think it’s a cat that attacked him and this is a “cat abscess.”


I totally get it about the vet bills. I fostered 56 orphaned kittens when I worked at the animal shelter. I regret not documenting better but here is a pic of Jasper. He’s about 2weeks old here. He hot adopted at 8wks :slight_smile:


He’s so sweet. We saw the vet. He thinks Storm is 5 weeks and has cat bite wounds. The abscess is pretty bad on his neck and he got a shot of Convenia for it. Now I have to keep it clean and keep it from closing up while it drains. He has clean ears, great coloring and weighs exactly a pound :blush: He’s cute but smelly! We think he will come out just fine.


I am s

ure he will recover fast. Abcess are so gross. My older cat had a few in his life.
Gosh I don’t know what happen but I have some trouble to post. It’s doing weird thing


Oh that’s great news! Poor little guy…to be bit so young. Maybe at one point the mother was dragging him around by the neck and put too much pressure? Only Storm knows the story and he’s not talking. Lol


@ Rainbowbabies Wow!!! That koi pond’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, love it!

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Poor sweet baby…Im so glad you took him in and you are taking him to see the vet. He does look like a Mainecoon he even has the little ear points. He’s very cute. I am dying for a new baby but I want to wait until we come home from our trip to the US in November. I want to get a mainecoon or nor Norwegian forest cat for my daughter. She has autism and has severe anxiety. One of our cats that we lost a couple months ago was one of my elderly cats, he was 14 and he was always with my daughter so its been hard on her. We have had him her whole life.

I took a new picture of my crazy Trooper the other day. I think our cat tree has seen better days LOL


I was having trouble posting last night too. Yes! They are pretty gross. I am under strict orders to keep it clean and open so I get to wipe the area a few times a day. Good thing I have a strong stomach!


I am happy he seems to be responding to the antibiotics. The vet says it looks like the kind of attack the father or another male may do as instinct to make the female come into heat faster. He barely squeaked by and maybe that’s why he has no siblings.


I am sorry for the loss of your kitty! Your white cat is gorgeous. There is something mystical about white cats. The vet said the way we will know for sure if he is a Maine Coon is if he gets absolutely gigantic. Otherwise he will be a long haired tab. I agree though- I think he’s a Maine Coon!


Oh wow! Poor little guy’s story could make a macabre disney movie… Lion King meets Bambie. Sounds like you found him just in time. Cat bites can lead to sepsis pretty quickly. Can’t wait to see how he develops. He’s got some interesting markings


Poor bud! I came on as soon as I woke up hoping to hear an update on him! I’m so in love with that little guy lol I’m so glad you found him, he’s gorgeous even with him being a little sick.


He is the sweetest! He’s getting used to all the attention, He is so docile. When the vet gave him his shot, he rolled over and fell onto his side and put his legs in the air. When I clean his abscess, he lays on his back and let’s me do whatever I need to do. I wasn’t looking for a cat, but he was looking for me <3


Awww what a good boy! He’s gonna be a good pet for sure!


OMG love that pup!


A happy and bright-eyed Stormy. He is really doing great!


Everything the light touches is yours, little Stormy! ( First part of that is paraphrasing from the Lion King. :joy:) Such a cute little fuzz ball :heart: