Fur baby thread!


Too cute ! He reminds me so much my cat ! He is a big 23 pounds puffy plush with big paws. Seem Stormy will be a beautiful big cat !


I can’t beleive I forgot about my Pooh Bear!!
He’s a dwarf hamster.


And his homemade bin cage


Aw great, glad to here! He’s such a cutie


I am so glad you said that because I was calling him Simba when snapping these pics :sweat_smile:


Cute little puffball!! I used to have a rat and I miss her dearly :sleepy: She loved the little log houses!


I sure hope so! Let’s hope he multiplies his weight by 23 :smiley: I asked the vet what he was and he chuckled and said if this cat actually grows up to be huge you can call him a Maine Coon. I have faith!


Rats are so awesome. It’s a shame they don’t have a longer lifespan. I inherited my hamster when a friend bought herself one from a petstore and lo and behold, she was pregnant.


I know! Karma lived two years and it hit me hard when she died. That’s why I couldn’t get another. But I guess if one needed a home, I’d probably be a sucker and take it! Karma had a litter by accident with a friends rat and all of them had to find new homes. It was hard to not keep one! I’ve never done the hamster thing but they are so much fun to watch!


He is insanely cute and so teeny tiny. His little feet are everything :heart:
I’m super busy and when Pooh Bear crosses the rainbow bridge, I will be retiring from hamster ownership :hamster:


I love hamsters! When I was in junior high I had several. When my kids were little we had them as well. Mated them and had two BIG litters one day apart. We really enjoyed watching them grow


Rats are awesome, yes ! I had 8 over the years, always by two. I miss them.


I have shared my dogos before but these are pictures I took a few weeks ago. Maya is my female standard coat Siberian Husky, Attila is my Male wooly coat Siberian Husky and in 2 days I think we are going to have a few puppies. She had a split heat this go around and I wasn’t planning on breeding her but without knowing she was in season he got her once, we did not think it took because she had a cycle 3 weeks later but she has gained weight and milk has came in so unless it’s a phantom pregnancy we are expecting at least a couple. She is no where near the size she was with the litter of 7 so I don’t think there are many this time if she is.


Can’t wait to see the puppies!


I had hamsters as a kid too. They can make great starter pets


They have such sweet souls. :black_heart:


I’m so jealous of the Koi pond!


There sneaky huh. :grin: there both beautiful and can’t wait to see there babies. I bet there gonna be just gorgeous!!


Huskies are my dream dog! I also want a Alaskan Malamute but that is a different story for a different day. :laughing:


My little buddy is 5 month old Leo. Leo’s
Mama was rescued from a puppy mill. She was pregnant at the time. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. His mama is bischon and dad is Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He is very, very hyper. He just had his first haircut a week ago. He is also very smart.