Fur baby thread!


Not a lot of difference in the two breeds other then Mals are normally a lot larger. Huskies run in the 40-55 pound range where Mals average between 70-95 pounds depending on male or females, They are both very similar in attitude, looks, ect. .


Wow! I had no idea about that! Thanks for telling me. :slight_smile:


He’s gorgeous!!


What a beautiful pup! My half Cavalier is incredibly hyper too. She just turned two and it is starting to get slightly better- slightly. I was assuming it was the poodle in her, but anyway, she needs a ton of exercise. She never quits!


Sounds like Leo. When I come home I take him out for a while. He just runs and runs!




What a cutie! Definitely looks like he can get into trouble!!:grin:


For sure! If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


Those eyes!


He’s the first dog I’ve had that will look at the camera. The others all turn away. It’s almost like he knows his picture is being taken and he needs to pose.


She went into labor on the 6th delivered the first pup at 1pm. We have 5 new beautiful little ones. 4 girls and 1 boy. Mommy and Babies are all doing great, 3rd pic of the copper is the only male. The 4th pic is a copper female and she’s one I want to keep :slight_smile: I just love her markings. I will update here as they grow.




Congratulations to the proud mommy ! They are adorable!


Adorable babies! Congratulations!


My little rescue pup is growing like a weed and fitting right in with the rest of the crew. She and Carrie got new matching dresses last time I was in the Petco :slight_smile:


Very cute and dare I say funny ?!


I find it amusing but I’m not sure the pets would agree :joy:


I can just manage to get my cat in a tie. He has three of them :joy:


Oh, he’s so handsome in it!!!


Congrats grandma! They are beautiful!! My daughter loves this breed.