Fur baby thread!

Don’t mind me… I look a mess but I wanted to give an update on my rescue baby, Storm. He is all healed up and very grateful to his Momma.


Aww look how content he is in that second pic! He’s so gorgeous!

He is a really beautiful kitty, please keep us updated on his ‘growing up years’!!

I love each and every one if these beautiful fur babies!
@AmandasBabies my favorite is the last one on the right in the top pic. I will love watching them grow!

Casper turned 1 on May 22, he loves dirt and mud


Awww both of you are gorgeous! Kitten bellies are the best.

Wow! He’s all grown up!

If you’re on fb and want to see new photos of our pups I just posted some, they now have their eyes open :slight_smile: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.derrick.359/media_set?set=a.2380304258693087&type=3

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For the ones who don’t use fb. Did not want y’all to miss out on the cuteness :heart: We have Wendy, Reign, Stormy, Sunshine and Thunder is the boy in last photo.


Beautiful Puppies!

Awe. Your puppies are cute!

So cute!

Stormy (affectionately known as Catboy) is growing up to be a fine young man. You would never know he was so sick just a few short weeks ago! He’s nearly doubled in size!


Ahhh he looks soooo soft !

That is one Cool Cat!

So I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing me post about trying to save up for my service dog puppy by now :rofl: But I thought I would share some pics of this spring’s litter. My puppy will have a different mom, but I believe it’ll be the same dad. Not entirely sure, but it’s the same breeder. I just sold a doll so I can put down the deposit, which means I’ll have the puppy in the fall if I am lucky and can save up in time, or next spring. SO excited!


They are so sweet! I just want to kiss all over that one on the bottom!

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Right! So precious! They’re so pretty and they look super soft!

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They are beautiful! Congratulations on selling your doll!!:balloon::two_hearts:

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Oh I love golden retriever’s!! There beautiful. I hope you can get one!! How much are they?

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My 3 goofballs. :heart:

Lucy Ricky and Ed.