Fur baby thread!


Rabbits!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:Aww I’m so sorry.


Omg! I’m loving all of your pets, and that boa is beautiful




My parents used to have a donkey and he would go around the yard and take all the plants out of the pots and set them to the side very nicely. He didn’t eat them, just took them out of the pots hahhaha. Good ol Fred.


Love Loki’s nose!


:joy: my Bill just eat everything he sees green :heart::goat:


Really?! So everyone who saw the ad thought it was a girl?

Beautiful pics, though!


He’s beautiful! Love the orange kitties!


Both cuties! My mom had a Maine coon that passed 3 weeks ago at almost 15 yrs old :frowning:


Well his part there was pretty much black, just the color of the skin. In STARK contrast to the rest of him. I guess they thought it didn’t make a pretty picture haha!!


Me too! His markings are what drew me to him when we were picking from his litter.


My two babies. Best company in the world


Your boy has such a cute face, he looks so happy with himself :rofl: And him sitting on your lap is so funny, he’s so relaxed lol
I don’t have any pets that cuddle. Jimmy will sit on me sometimes but he doesn’t like being touched so I don’t enjoy it because he’s always a second away from attacking me. He doesn’t know how to accept affection lol here’s him sitting on my shoulder. Not comfortable because he’s very chubby and heavy


Thank you xx


Was Cam a pomeranian? Spooky if so because I have maine coon cross cats and a pomeranian dog :wink:.
Im loving how big your cat is already :sparkling_heart:, he is gorgeous and quite a pure cross.
My ginger is huge but not as heavy as your boy and an adult, also the largest of my three connie crosses. :blush:


Funny how some kitty’s love to switch to attack mode. Ours loved running in from nowhere and killing your feet in the recliner. Maybe you can eventually get yourself a cuddly fur baby


Lol mine is always in attack mode :rofl: I certainly hope we can, eventually.


Yes, he was a Pomeranian BUT he was BIG for a pom with longer legs and nose & large ears lol but I loved that about him especially his big ears. His parents were quite small though. Aww nice!!

If I am not mistaken his mom was pure. She was 21 lbs and FLUFFY!! Not sure about dad. He was given to me by the owner who has the mom.

This is mom


@Tessa I love Charle! :heart_eyes:


thank you! we fell in love with this breed 20 years ago, with our first two kittens,Charley and Henri (sadly now live in our hearts forever) they have the sweetest , silliest personalities, like little puppies that never grow up