Fur baby thread!


These cats are so gorgeous!


Maine Coons are so beautiful!


thank you… we are def hooked on the breed. We watch out fav breeder’s page on FB, but 4 very big cats are enough (this is how crazy cat lady starts!! LOL)


For those who have pets trouble or would like to know them better and know their ‘inside’ stories - my sister Olga (she is in LA, California) has some amazing psychic abilities and developed a special abilities to communicate with animals.
Her feet back from the owners are amazing and always blows my mind.

“Ever wonder what your pet thinks, how it feels, or what is it trying to tell you? I use intuitive approach to tune and communicate with pets. Such communication will help you better understand their personality, behavior, address some particular behavioral issues and concerns. To conduct the session I need your pet’s name and photo. The session could be conducted via phone or video chat. Some pets are more talkative than others (just like humans), but in general 15 min. session is enough to address the basic question. The animal communication is not a substitute for vet services.”



Pye is gorgeous!


These are our fur babies and babies without fur.
This is crazy enough the most recent pic I could find. 2 years ago. They look the same just less scruffy.

My baby Isis had kids and her hair turned grey less than a month later. Excuse my daughter bc of well humidity :rofl: but
This is Isis before kids lol.
This little one here is Izzi (Isabella) or Izzi with the frizzies. She is Only daughter that Isis had. The others were all boys. We had to hand feed her bc she was the runt of the litter.
This is Kateriyna (Kat) she’s my daughter’s cat and she’s stuck with us still bc my daughter can’t keep her in the barracks.

This is Ty he is my son’s bearded dragon
Last but not least are pics of rats that both of my daughters had.
The black and white one died a year ago. He belonged to my daughter with special needs. His name was peter starlord. The white and brown one died the night before last. He was 2 years old. He belonged to my youngest daughter and she is taking it very hard bc it was suddenly in less than 5 hours and it’s the first time she’s experienced loss. His name was marshmallow.


The only time this dog is not by my side is when im at work!!!

this is my baby girl Tyson. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She is half chihuahua and half dacshund (chiweenie). She is one of the smartest dogs ive ever had. She will be 7 yrs old this October.


Someone’s cozy :wink:


Wow she is a stunning coonie😍. The rescue that I got my ginger\orange coonie from and I think his dad must have been a pure coonie because his mum was a tiny tabby and he looks so much like a maine coon. The other two we adopted through them have persian in them as well so their faces are flatter like a persian.


We have a main cone mix to!! He was 18# when we first got him but as he aged he lost s little, now around 15’ish#. He’s such a cuddle bug! I love my fur baby!! And he’s giant size! He’s always bigger than the small dogs we foster, :joy:


Maine coons are such an amazing breed. They make amazing support animals, i know I wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for mine getting me through each day. They are super affectionate, very dog like and like most animals can sense when your not okay. My ginger one never leaves my side when im very bad and very unwell. He even waits for me to be asleep to eat, drink and toilet. When my pain levels are so bad im screaming and crying in pain he always calms me down and despite being very heavy when he lays on me he weighs nothing at all. He even laid on my daughters knee the other day when she had a bug and was very sick. He has not laid on anyones knee but mine since the day he was brought home at eight weeks and he is now three years old :blush:


Oh that’s such a good idea! You have a beautiful fur family :heart::heart::heart:


My girls are the oposite from your guy. They don’t like to sit on us or next to us, but they love affection. They stan on the floor like dogs looking to be touch. They act like dogs. :grin: Maybe it has to do with their mom. :joy::dog:


Awww. I’m so sorry your baby lost her friend. Rats are great the only problem is the short life spand.


LOL @ turning grey after having kids!!! Yep, that’ll do it! Haha


All these animals make me smile!! I can feel the love in everyone’s post. :blush:

Last night I wasn’t feeling great and developed an extreme migraine. My animals always know when I’m having a bad day because they won’t leave my side. I had Charlie at my feet, Miko at my head, and Molly curled up behind my knees. I couldn’t move at all, but I didn’t want to. I felt so loved and it helped me to feel better. I don’t know what I would do without my babies…Especially my cat Miko. Miko was the first cat I ever owned. He showed up on my door step 2 days after I got into my car accident. I was on bed rest for months, and this stray cat who didn’t even know me, never left my side from the very first day we met. He would stroll in the house when I’d open the door like he owned the place, and that was that. He laid with me in bed, or on the couch all day long. He was a feral cat so this is not normal. He would want to go back out side to sleep though. Well one morning Miko wasn’t at the door waiting for me. He disappeared for 2 months but returned on Christmas Eve. His state was so bad I can’t even talk about it. I’ll just tell you he was bitten by a snake, then attacked by possums. He was practically dead in my driveway. He had come to me either to dye, or for help. I remember us sitting in the car crying so hard that day. I was scared to get out because I thought he was dead. Well he wasn’t but it was close.
After him being my angel,I had to be his. I found a vet that was willing to do anything to help save Mikos life. It was 6 months of very painful bandage changes and therapy. Miko and I created the closest bond I’ve ever had with an animal during that time. There was a trust there that was heaven sent. When I care for other hurt animals, he sits by me while I care for them. He truly is the most magnificent cat on the planet…and also may be the most expensive one. Lol.
Charlie and Molly have their own horror stories too, but I couldn’t help but to share


This is my Abbie. She is a miniature schnauzer. She is 2 1/2.

This is our new dog coming. A white male miniature schnauzer. In this pic he just opened his eyes. We think we are going to call him Alfie.


So cute!!!


Awwww! Sweet! Is Abbie a “salt n pepper”? I love her colouring!

Love little Alfie, too. He’s gorgeous!

Our Barney is 5 1/2. We wanna get another pup (possibly will mate Barney) for when our daughter moves out with her pup.


She was very black when we got her as a pup. She has faded to this dark gray with brown accents. Pretty color and shines in the light. We actually wanted her to stay black but it happens…lol.