Fur baby thread!


They have to get out the leather gloves for my Boo too. :confused:


Bad kitties lol


So sweet!


Aww poor billy. :grin:I was telling the kids that now we just need a cow for the rest of te grass. :joy::joy:My Billy just keeps the edges of the fence clean and trims the trees. We still have to cut the grass, but he helps and the kids love him. :blush:


Thank you !


I love you fur family. Great pics!!!


See what i mean…never far from me when im home…lol my little Tyson is such a mamas girl!!!


Does anyone have experience with chickens? I had some farm fresh eggs this morning and now I am on the hunt for some chickens haha.


We had 25 chickens, but they were or eating, not laying. Loved our chickens, and it was difficult to eat them :frowning: They were very friendly




I just inherited this poor fur baby from my neighbor who found him. He needs lots of help. I’m going to go to the vet tomorrow and see what they can do for him. Please wish us luck! I just couldn’t say no! He’s a little matted and roughed up looking and has a swollen lymph node on his neck. And he was all alone :disappointed_relieved:


Oh poor little thing ! He looks so affraid !


Omg. :heart_eyes:




I guess the neighborhood cats had been messing with him and he seems to have maybe been attacked by something at some point. He’s in a crate with food and water for the night. I’m anxious to see what tomorrow brings. He purred so loud when I snuggled him!


Aww poor baby!! Just makes me want to give extra loven!! Nice modified litter pan!


Poor thing! Very adorable, even matted!!


Awe, poor kitty. He is soooo cute!


Kitty looks very heavy!! And not happy being photographed :joy:


Aww what a sweet little fluffernuff. Glad to hear you are taking him to the vet. Kittens that young still rely on the mom to groom /clean them. Thank you for looking after him. :heart::cat: