Getting frustrated- update! Just Born!


:smiley: it’s more difficult than it’s seem !
I draw them with a light pencil before I paint, so if I don’t like it, I just whipe with my finger.


Sure is hard! I should’ve known! At least I’m learning a lot from this kit


You’ve made huge improvement!!!


This baby is beautiful! What a difference.


thank you! I feel proud of her now :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on rooting her head. I’m using a 43 gauge needle. Is there anyway to get rid of these holes the needle leaves behind. I’ve tried heating the head with a blow dryer both before and after rooting which didn’t seem to work.


Looks like you have more than one strand of hair in some places. Try pulling out the extra hairs


Seems like plugs to me, and maybe oil from the needle.
Whipe needles in alcool before use them and make a test on a hidden place.

For holes, try hot rice sock inside head when rooting, it help.


Is the dye bleeding from the hair?


Is it actual holes in the vinyl or is the paint chipping as you root? The reason I think it might be the paint is because the holes are different sizes and the needle isn’t. Maybe the paint is still a little too thick?


It looks like you have oil on your needle. Did you clean it first with alcohol?? That’s really important to do before you start rooting with a new needle. Rooting takes a lot of practice, keep going you will eventually get better at it, we all do. If I could give you a few tips I would tell you to: Map your head so you have a plan to follow. Watch your spacing and don’t jump around the head you’ll only wind up getting in your own way. Pull out hair if you see too many hairs in a hole, your goal is to root only 1 - 2 hairs per hole. Plugs don’t look good and will keep a baby from selling. It all takes lots of practice and patience to finally learn but you WILL get it!! Keep up the good work!!

Needle tip: don’t use a needle with too many barbs cause that will really create plugs.


I few holes do have oil before I realized I had to clean it. I found out most of the holes are the paint chipped off the head. Not sure how to prevent this in the future since I don’t think I could have made the paint any thinner


Just born! She’s not perfect but I learned so much from this baby and all of you! Her complexion looks way darker in this picture. She weighs about 5 pounds and is super cuddly :slight_smile:


Adorable -great job!


She is gorgeous!


Is that a Target outfit? It’s really cute


It’s from Carter’s!


She is so cute!! Great job!!


Thank you!