Getting so frustrated

I’m still working on my Ashley asleep. She was getting too dark, so I lightened her with a salmon wash, then a lavendar, then a pthylo. Still too dark, in the dusty rose sort of way. Color corrected by adding yellow ochre mixed with Flesh 08. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong? I need her tone to be more of a light olive/yellow.

Can you post pics?

hmmmm…less may be more in this situation. Post a photo. You might want to set her aside and get some breathing room and come back to it. I get lost in a baby once in a while and when I take a break and come back I have new ideas.

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She looks good to me! :heart_eyes: Wow!

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Even though it may not be the skin tone you’re going for, it looks amazing. If it were me I wouldn’t mess with it.

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I agree, looks fantastic for brunette hair.

Yes, I would leave it too. Sometimes we do not get exactly what we aimed for, but as long as it looks good, we should be happy :slight_smile:
The only thing that lightens the skin tone is white, or the colors made by mixing them into white = flesh 08 or the mint green. I prefer just to use white wash, the problem is the white can become streaky and leave the powdery residue. So it has to be applied thinly and many layers, but it lightens without messing up the hue of existing paint, and is then easy to work on getting the right effect I want.


I think she looks lovely as well.

That little foot is perfection :heart_eyes:

It’s a lovely skintone. Maybe not wat you wanted but still lovely !

I would leave it as is also, She looks great, so alive.
I am heavy handed and tend to over paint my babies but I love babies with more color, a lot of what I see these days are very pale and almost lifeless. She is beautiful, the color on the feet and the eyebrows! I say matte her and call her finished.

He is beautiful I love the skin tone and blushing!

I agree. The doll looks perfect in the pic. I wish I could achieve that. I do know that sometimes it’s difficult bc the pic doesn’t accurately capture what you’re seeing. I understand what you mean when you say a “dusty rose sorta way”. I’ve had this happen so many times and think if only it actually looked like the picture bc the picture looks great.

Sometimes they don’t turn out exactly how we pictured. If you really need one with a light olive complexion, you may have to paint another kit. I don’t see how it would be possible to get that complexion without the high risk of messing this one up.

Unless she is a custom, I would leave her as is. She has a lot of depth and beautiful coloring. I would hate to see her paint become muddy from too much “correction.”

Oh my, get some space woman, this is a beautiful baby! i would stop right there. Some babies just have more depth and she is perfect!

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Personally I think shes beautiful as is and the perfect coloring for her size :slight_smile: Often more times than not in all my years reborning I’ve found these dolls tend to decide what they want to look like and not what I had originally envisioned. If your feeling she needs a little neutralized pop you could try a light mint speckle layer( mix your paint a tad thicker than wash and apply with ripped wedge or pounce with a large round brush to create tiny specks) if your using genesis paints add a couple drops of linseed oil to your paint mix to help cut out any chalkiness. Or you could try a light lime green mottle wash but typically the light mint speck layer is what I prefer as it tones down the reds and helps pull all the layers together.


Yes, I was thinking the same…

I think she looks beautiful.