GHS Matt varnish over RebornFX Hair Medium?


Can you use RebornFX Hair Medium on the baby’s hair then use GHS Matt Varnish and a cook to get rid of the major part of the shiny look? will the heat mess up the hair medium?


Following :blush:


In the video on Macpherson’s she uses matte varnish but it doesn’t say if it is Genesis. Maybe try reaching out to them to see :slight_smile:


Thanks I will.




I would send a message through their help desk and ask.


I believe all the ReBornFX products can be heated without harm…but let me ask our artist Shelley when she arrives to work today just to be sure. Thank you Angie … contact us anytime on our Help Desk if you need to reach out to us.


Oh and I did forget to mention…have you ever tried the matting powder?? You can mix it with any of the Genesis or air dry mediums. Many like to mix it with the GHS Satin Varnish so you still get that smooth finish but it is matted down nicely with the powder.


Thanks I would so appreciate finding out. I need to finish the baby by Saturday for a show, I do want to try out the matting powder, I was looking at that yesterday and it looks very interesting. Thank you again, look forward to finding out if I can heat it.


I guess your answer came through the Help Desk today~!! :slight_smile:hUgs B OXOXOX
I can take at least one round of heat setting…possibly more but has not been tested that far yet.


Thanks so much.


I use the RebornFX Spray Sealer and use heat set varnish after it cured :slight_smile:


Thanks I think I will try that. I don’t really like the Hair Application after heat set mat varnish, it gets sort of fuzzy.