Go Diego, Go!


How’s winter storm Diego treating everyone? Parts of the Texas panhandle got anywhere from 3-9.5 inches. (Maybe more in some places. That’s just the last official totals I heard.) That’s not at all common for here. Anyway, here are my college age boys and their new friend. For scale…the boys are 6’1" and 5’11".
Good to see grown men smiling and playing in the snow. :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m in north Texas and all we’re getting is a cold rain :confused:


Wow! Looks like you guys are having fun! The snow just started this afternoon here but high end estimates are 18” for me. Yikes. I’ve probably never seen that much snow in my life. So thankful I was able to make it home from the hospital tonight…should have some good snow pics tomorrow! Stay safe and enjoy your boys and the snow!


You all are so lucky. Snow is so rare in my area of Alabama and when we do get it, it rarely sticks and is usually gone the next day. Please keep the snow pictures coming.


Same here! Snow is rare. When it does snow it’s melted the same day. This time there will probably be traces of snow for a couple of days. But it’s already too melted to do anything with. :grimacing:


This is what we’ve gotten so far


Just beautiful!!


How fun!! We live in Florida and it’s teeming rain. lol.


Here’s our front yard now. This was all covered with 3 to 4 inches of snow yesterday. But snow rarely lasts more than a day here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no :frowning: But looks like you have some land there GF!!! :heart_eyes:


We only have 5 acres. But we are 3 miles down dirt roads with fields all around us. One neighbor half a mile north of us, another neighbor a mile south of us. :wink:


I only got 10” but the power went out at 3 a.m. and only just came back on. We didn’t even go out and play in it because cold AND wet with no heat to come inside to just felt like too much.


I sure hope you have a fireplace or some other way to heat your house without power. Otherwise I bet y’all had a miserable day! :confused:
We don’t have central heat and air. We use space heaters and a little camping heater that hooks up to a propane tank. So if power went out we would be fine with the propane heater. It heats the house up really quick.


We don’t have any alternate heat source and the power went out again😭 I need to buy a generator, though. This seems to happen at least once a year since we moved to NC. Last year I finally broke down and bought snow boots.


Buy one of these. They are cheap and easy to store for emergency.


I’ll look into that. It looks toasty! The power is back on again! I hope this one sticks!