Had to share my latest, Ethon


Love this smile, it made him so much fun to reborn. Might be photo heavy I’m afraid. As always all constructive criticism gratefully received


No criticism needed–he is lovely!!


He is just adorable and nice job on hair


So sweet! I love the sparse haired look you got! Mine always gets too thick haha


I know! I keep trying for this look but never achieve it :slight_smile:


He is one of my dream babies :slight_smile: He’s just gorgeous!


Every time I say “this one is going to be sparsely rooted.” Yet every time they end up with a thick head of hair. Every. Single. Time. :grimacing:


Absolutely precious!!! That face melts my heart


Super cute!


He is cute.


No criticism from this corner. He’s wonderful! His hair is perfect. I’ve been trying for years to do hair like that. Never been successful.


Wow thank you all, what lovely feedback :blush:
I have the opposite problem with hair and really struggle to root a full head, I’ve have requests and have never managed it yet :grin:


What a sweet smile! Very cute!


Good job and like the hair


He’s so cute and has a great personality. Great job!


He is very cute, I think you did a wonderful job!


He’s beautiful.


He is so precious I love all the personality he has, beautiful job!


He’s adorable!! You did a great job on him.