Handling Vinyl Parts After Baking 🔥 (Nuwave)


:question: Do you let the vinyl parts cool inside the CLOSED nuwave or do you take them out immediately after baking?

:question: Do you smell the vinyl while it’s baking and the nuwave is closed

:question: Do you smell the vinyl when you take it out AFTER you let it cool down in the closed nuwave?

:pray: Please let me know!

I am currently trying to work with a reborn dvd and I am so frustrated that they leave basic information out such as this - how to handle the vinyl parts after baking. And many other issues. It’s taking me forever to gather all the detail information I need.

I appreciate your help!!! I am about to reborn my first baby! I need to make this happen!! :sob:


I take the hot parts out of I want to cool them faster. If I bake before bed, I just leave them in there with the lid on. This is more about dust control than anything else.

I can smell the vinyl while cooking and for a brief time afterward. I bake in a well ventilated area to help with the fumes.

Welcome to reborning. Don’t stress-have fun!

  1. I experienced that I’ll leave parts in the oven, than they become shiny ** I need to correct my lack of words here - not shiny, but kind of overly smooth and rubbery, like paint does not want to go on and stick any longer(if it makes sense)**, so I take them immediately or after a few minutes. I remember that you were getting a new oven, so it will smell more strongly from the beginning. I can hardly smell it anymore and I almost next to it with closed windows as air is horribly pollinated now. I didn’t open windows in the winter either.
  2. yes, sometimes more strongly sometimes less;
  3. no


I remove the lid when they’re done baking, but I leave them sitting in the oven for about five minutes before picking them up because they’re hot as hell. I agree with @YelenaRey about leaving the pieces closed up in the oven to cool. That oven stays hot for a while and will continue to cook your parts. That’s been my experience anyway

You will notice differences in smell from vinyl to vinyl. Some smell super strong while some are hardly noticeable at all.


The pieces get really hot so be careful. I take them out hot because they will continue to bake with the trapped heat in the oven. Cooling takes time. Some kits smell worse than others. If it bothers you or you think it might hurt others place the oven out side. Have fun ask questions if you have problems but most of all be very patient.


Thank you so much for your advice ladies :relaxed:

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I have my NuWave since last week and I have not used it yet, because I was too anxious and I needed to know more details about what to expect. I tend to overthink things. :smirk:


Serious word of advice: It’s so easy to melt your kit!!! Watch it time it get a oven time and walk around with it in your hand especially if your ovens not digital. There’s nothing like being on the third bake of your LAST matte bake and burn the kit. I learn a lesson though. When you do your 3 bakes of matte make sure it cools completely between each bake.


Do you let the vinyl parts cool inside the CLOSED nuwave or do you take them out immediately after baking?
I do leave them in until they have cooled down a little. I figure you can get some laundry folded, or some dishes put away, or the floor swept while babies are baking and cooling. They are still really warm when I pull them out but I just put them on my work bench to finish cooling. Never paint a warm baby.

Do you smell the vinyl while it’s baking and the nuwave is closed

Yup, it stinks and it isn’t good for your body, that is the vinyl out gassing. You should be baking outside.

Do you smell the vinyl when you take it out AFTER you let it cool down in the closed nuwave ?

Yup, same thing, if it is still gassing leave it outside, it shouldn’t be stinky when you bring it in.

Please let me know!

I am in the process of making some you tube videos just for beginners. It will be a couple week, I will let you know, that is if you haven’t figured it all out already.

Happy baby making.


I’m new too. In studying nuwave use, I learned that the heated vinyl smell is toxic. You should only use it for the babies. Not food too. I bake my parts outside. When done I take the lid off while holding my breath. I wait another five minutes, away from it all. Then take the parts out laying them aside to cool.


After I bake them, I take them out and I use a fan to cool them down and this also helps with ventilation.


I use my Nuwave on my deck. When the timer goes off, I take the cover off and let the parts cool down until they are cool enough to touch. Then I take them in the house to finish cooling so I can continue painting.


I bake in the kitchen (it’s on the far side of the house away from living area down the hall) with the windows open (nuwave oven)
There are fumes while it is baking. When I hear the beep I run in open the top and run out, or if it’s one head I grab it out and put it on the cloth next to the nuwave.
I try to get in and out of there as quickly as possible and try not to breathe in there for the moment I’m rushing in and out.


Exactly what I do also. I hold my breath while taking the lid off lol


Me too @katieperry & @Vanniek. I bake in a different room, keep the door closed, when the nuwave shuts off I hold my breath, run in, open the nuwave up, an run back out. I cant hold my breath too long so I have to make it quick lol


I usually let the parts cool for a few minutes in the NuWave. When I remove the lid I alway hold my breath and step outside for a minute to let it off-gas. I bake only in my garage and with the door cracked for ventilation. I then take them out and let them cool on a clean towel or cloth diaper.


Maybe because I survived Ukrainian Chernobyl I don’t hold my breath, I don’t run, I don’t open a window - too much pollen and other stuff will come to my paint and working table. I sit and work in front of it. Que sera sera - whatever will be will be…


I don’t take them out immediately because they’re hot and when they’re hot they are bendy and I want them to hold their shape.

You shouldn’t be baking indoors - even with a window open. Only bake outside.

No, I don’t smell it once I take it out because it’s been sitting out in open air and any fumes are gone.



Meanwhile I baked severeal times in my NuWave Oven.

The smell is awful during baking and when I open the NuWave after baking (I let it sit with closed lid for about maximum 2 minutes after baking).

I bake outside, but the smell makes me feel anxious and sick.

I am very sensitive, so I bought a Safety Respirator and even Protective Safety Glasses
(both are against chemical toxic fumes).

I use both for when I open the NuWave after baking and when I am cleaning the vinyl parts with Isopropanol. The first time I used Isopropanol it made me feel extremely unwell both in my nose and eyes.

Better safe than sorry. :mask: :sunglasses:


Good! I bake outside, but it’s in a covered and screened Lanai. So it’s in a safe place where rain and wind can’t get to my oven. I take the lid off holding my breath, but it’s hard to do. I have enough problems without making more for myself lol


I am sooo anxious & scared that fumes will enter my nose (and harm my eyes) even if I am not breathing. :scream: That’s why I bought the safety stuff.

Exactly! :grin: :revolving_hearts: EDIT I meant “Same here”