Handling Vinyl Parts After Baking 🔥 (Nuwave)


Wow you are a very tough one! :flushed: I even smell and panic because of the “odorless” paint thinner. lol


@ Amethyst May I ask why you’re not using air dry paints? If you are so nervous about GHSP maybe you should learn with air dry.


I did not find a tutorial for Air Dry paints that was as straightforward and appealing to me as Jacky Kramer’s tutorial, which I am following right now.

It seems to me that by using Air Dry paints, it is harder to achieve the amazing results, which one can achieve with GHSP. I believe that it is absolutely possible, but it takes experience and knowledge, and personally I find it stressful to experiment without any experience with colors.

So I chose to learn reborning with GHSP first and then maybe switch to Air Dry Paints later when I know how colors work together.

Also - I feel a lot more safe now that I took take safety precautions.