Handmade Baby Clothing for sale


Hi guys! It took me a few weeks, but I finally whipped up a few Winnie the Pooh outfits! Includes Winnie the Pooh Peter Pan Blouse and matching polka dot bloomers. Pattern states it will fit 22" babies, but this is shown on my 20" baby. I have three nearly ready to go. Two will likely be completed to ship this weekend or early next week, the third needs another weekish to be finished. The price for the outfit is $35, shipping to the US is $3. Please contact me if you are outside the US because I haven’t been able to figure out affordable shipping internationally. (Also, I’m sorry for my really bad pictures, I don’t have a fancy baby photography setup yet!)

And here is a picture of the blouse paired with little baby jeggings! (I couldn’t resist!)

If you miss the first three, or need a larger size (it doesn’t go any smaller, I’m sorry!) please PM me. I know there were several of you waiting to see if I was going to post this so… @Katinafleming @Theara @Mommarobin @Reefbubbles @MaryJane.

Also here’s the cute hairbow I made for my baby to try and disguise her awful hair. If anyone is interested in these let me know, they are pretty easy to make!


Yay! I can’t wait to see what you make. Love love this! What sculpt is that?


Love it so cute! And @Theara That’s welcome home baby Emily! It’s an Ashton Drake baby!


How do you know this? I wish I could see a sculpt and know who made it!


@Theara I reborned the Emily awake doll by Ashton Drake. The limbs are from another kit, I did not use her limbs as they were less than 3/4.


@Theara I only know that sculpt because it was the first realistic baby I ever got when I was about 11 years old and I loved her to death haha


@Theara thank you for the compliment! And yes, @ellakabella is right, it is the Ashton-Drake Emily Asleep. I have two identical ones that I found at a thrift store for $20 each (SCORE!). @evelyn, I love your reborned one, looks so much better with the full limbs though honestly the awake version of Emily creeps me out. lol. I’m hoping to get full limbs for my doll and have her reborned as well. It’s kinda hard to photograph her when she has 1/4 limbs, as you can see by my baby stockings and long-sleeved onesie.

Right, now I’m trying to sell some of my makes so I can order the Abigail kit from MacPhersons before it sells out. I’m going to post a few more items in a moment. Just have to take pictures.


Okay, three more dresses available. shipping is still $3.

First is a colorful Christmas dress/tunic. Size 0-3mo, fits my 20" baby perfectly. Pattern states that this size will fit 17-22", though I imagine it will be a tad roomy on a small baby. $20.

Now another colorful dress/tunic, this time in the 3-6mo size. Pattern states this will fit a 22-25" baby. $20.

Lastly, another more neutral but still very cute holiday dress, size 0-3m. Same pattern as other Christmas dress, should fit 17-22" babies. This one has long sleeves to keep baby warm. $25.


You must have loved her a lot! She’s so precious looking.


Did you bake her or use air dry? I have two from my grandmother to reborn, but haven’t done anything with them yet. I wasn’t sure they could be baked.


I baked and used Genesis paints.