Heather Gray Newboy Caps for sale


Crocheted Newboy Caps
It’s getting cooler out, that means crocheting time.
I just love these because I am so so picky about what I find cute on little boys (girls are easy!) but boys it’s hard to find cute stuff.
This is my favorite boy hat. I put these on all of my baby boys.
I made 5 of these, if anyone would like one they are $15 shipped. Button color may be different from photos as the 5 are slightly different
Pm me your PayPal address and I will send you an invoice.
Thanks so much :heart:

image image image


I was just admiring these on reborns.com. They are soooo cute. :heart_eyes:


Thank you!!!


@katieperry you care for a family of seven, reborn like a madwoman AND you crochet? Do you not sleep?


Lol you’re tellin’ me, girl!! :joy:


They are adorable!


They’re absolutely adorable. But I do wonder, does the dye not transfer onto the vinyl or do you do something to stop that?


It’s acrylic yarn, I’ve never had that problem with it, and thank you!


They are so cute! They look so warm and cozy.


Hi one please PP jensensheila@rocketmail.com Thank you.


Thank you! I sent you an invoice and will ship it out tomorrow
Thanks so much