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Yes! I may need him + you next year! :wink:


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LMAO! :smiley: They finally posted blank Owen. I heart him. Absolutely heart him. :blush:


I LOOOVEEE BLANK OWEN! I need him! :slight_smile:


We all do :smile:


When will they be releasing Owen? I think the Out Of Stock topic could use an update…


Hi Everyone!

I’ve updated our Out-Of-Stock Kits page to include Realborns Kimberly and Owen.

Thank you!
Emily, Bountiful Baby


You can see pictures of the blank kit of Realborn® Owen on our website here http://www.bountifulbaby.com?tiny=185218. Click on the image and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Thank you!!!


What about Naomi and Charlotte?


Who is Naomi? There aren’t any pictures of her… and where is this Realborn belly plate that Owen was wearing in the auction?



Ohhh… thanks


Hi Everyone,

We are working on having the items and images for Naomi and Charlotte available to view.

Thank you for your patient, they will be up soon!

Media Manager
Bountiful Baby


Thank you for your hard work! We really appreciate it!!! :smile:


So, they’re playing with my emotions now. :confused: Pictures in the gallery but still no blanks. Aren’t they due for release soon? Come on, come on, come on…


He is adorable! I can see why you can’t wait to get him.I like babies with open eyes. I have made very few sleeping babies.


I want to see Naomi! :smiley: twiddling thumbs


They won’t be released until after the holidays. Otherwise, the orders will back up.