Help Problem Using Matte Varnish!


Please Help! After applying the genesis heat set matte varnish to my reborn I let it air dry. Now Before I bake it in the oven it looks white and chalky. What am I doing something wrong? Why is it going white and I haven’t even baked it.


I made the mistake before of letting it completely dry until it turned white. I never let it completely dry. Just enough that surface is no shiny or “wet” in appearance. It will turn white & while be very difficult to cure even after numerous bakes you will have to apply another layer.


Matte varnish needs to be baked 3 separate times to cure fully even if it was applied fairly thinly. A thicker application may take a couple more baking sessions. It should not be chalky appearing when it is fully cured. Since yours was just air dried, it will definitely appear chalky. Bake that baby! Good luck! :grinning:


My matte varnish is heat set, I know I need to put it in the oven. I thought I have to let it air dry first before I bake it. I’m afraid to bake it because it’s white.


So I shouldn’t let it dry completely before I bake it?


I personally don’t allow it to turn white. I let it dry to the point where it is no longer shiny or appears wet but I thin my varnish out so it’s more noticeable to see when it is “dry”/ready to bake.


I would try baking it 3 times and see what happens.


Did you thin the matte varnish or use it straight? It does need to be thin whether you thin with thinner or apply it straight.If it’s applied too thick it will go chalky.


I tried it straight out the jar and I also thinned it out. What ever amount of varnish I used I used the same amount of thinner. How much thinner are we suppose to use with the varnish?


So your saying to bake it 3 times with it looking white and chalky?


How much thinner did you use with the varnish?


So after I apply the varnish do I let it air dry? Or dry a little bit and then bake it? Do you think that I’m using too much varnish and not enough thinner?


If you look as the Denise Pratt video listed at the bottom of the BB from page (where the dolls specials are listed), she uses the matte varnish straight from the jar and bakes 3 times. It does need to be pounced out so it ends up being a thin coat on the whole doll. I thin mine quite a bit since I don’t like the rough texture it leaves unthinned. I thin half and half or even a bit more. As it flashes off or dries, it will appear whitish - I do let it dry to whiteness before I bake just to evaporate the thinner. As it is baked, the whiteness goes away. If white remains after 3 bakes, I would think you have it on a bit too thick. It takes a bit of practice to get is just as you want it. Even if it is on thinly, though, it needs 2 or 3 baking and cooling cycles to get completed cured.


Thank you for explaining in more detail :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for your comments


What can it hurt? I would try before I strip. I find the weather has a lot to do with it to. If it’s real cold it drys fast if it’s raining slow. The electric went out right in the middle of my latest varnish. Needless to say I have a spot or three with chalky spots. I still baked as soon as I could. My varnish was thinned enough via flash light. I took a manic eraser to the other spots. Might have to redo the varnish in some areas if you do that. Mine worked not saying yours will. Just worth a chance.


Love your comment. You ladies are great helpers.