He's Here! The new puppy has arrived!


Oh my gosh guys I am so in love! This little guy is adorable and so so sweet. He has the most beautiful hazel/green eyes too. I may have bought him a bowtie, because of course I did. His sister is still not too sure about him, but she’s not too angry either. Still trying out names…I’ll keep you posted!


Such a cute peanut butter cup! :wink: :heart:


That is one ADORABLE puppy!


He is just adorable :heart_eyes::heart:


His eyes are the same color as mine. They look better on him. :wink:


Gorgeous little guy! And man he as plenty to chew on, lol


He’s a beautiful little fella. I love his eyes and his little face.


Soooo cute!


Adorable! :blue_heart:


Cutest ever!!!




What a cutie


I love yorkies. I had one for 14 years and she was my heart. Your puppy is beautiful.


He’s so sweet, and his eyes are incredible. He looks like he’s enjoying his new life already, and I’m sure you are enjoying him. Our little Yorkie is 4 1/2 months now and such a fiesty little thing. She’s up to almost 4 lbs and was 2.4 lbs when we got her at 10 wks so she’s grown fast. How old is your little guy?


He’s 10 weeks and already 3.5 pounds. Instead of a teacup yorkie, he’s a teapot. My girl is 1 yr and 6.5 pounds. He will be a good bit bigger than her, I think.


Wow! He’s gorgeous and looks like a little love bug! Enjoy :revolving_hearts::grin:


I think the little breeds tend to grow very quickly the first few months then stop sooner than the larger breeds. Lacey is a Maltipoo and she stopped growing and gaining weight by about 7 months. She gained a pound a month average


He probably will be bigger. I think the parents of mine were both under 6 lbs…dad was only 4 so she’s going to stay pretty small. But her ears are so big they are hilarious!


Now those ears!! Lol I just love them and your baby! What a little sweetie pie!! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::revolving_hearts:


Awe, welcome new puppy. So cute!