How do I cancel a sale and block a buyer on eBay?


I had someone win an auction on eBay for my Saskia tonight. They have since sent me 4 messages claiming they have paid and demanding that I send the baby, even though there is no payment showing up on eBay or in PayPal. They are even calling me a bad person for telling them I won’t ship until I have the payment. I responded to the first 2 messages but not the last 2. I suspected they wouldn’t pay, since it was a brand new account opened just today, and I know they have no intention of paying, so I want to cancel the order and block them. However, I have to give a reason for canceling, and the only options are I’m out of stock, the buyer requested the cancelation, or there’s a problem with the buyers address. None of those apply. Also, how do I block this person on eBay?


I would message/call ebay for help with the issue, They may be able to block the user from all future auctions from ebay.


Go to help on ebay .You will see a link to managing bidders and buyers.You can put names on the list to block separated by a comma.As far as them saying they have paid.Write them one time and say Ebay will tell me when it is safe to ship when the funds are there.Then don’t even talk to them until you see $$$$$.

Is the option to cancel not showing" No Longer Available" as an option for you to cancel sale?

I would also check my own email and make sure it is right IF this is your first ebay sale.If your email address is wrong the payment will never show up.


Just wait until you can open “not paying bidder” dispute. Then she either pays with PP and the dispute will automatically close, you will ship BUT make sure you send it with signature on delivery. And write on the parcel “do NOT safe drop”. Or she does not pay, and you will have to wait until you can close the case, you will get your money back for the fees, and then relist.
You can block her, but the block will not work for currant transaction


One time a nine year old created an eBay account and purchased my doll. She admitted both her age and using her mother’s credit card through PayPal in an eBay message. I called eBay, they looked at the messages, and then cancelled the transaction. The transaction just disappeared, I got my fees credited, and the buyer could not leave feedback. That was a different situation than yours, but thought I would share what I did anyway.


Thanks everyone. This buyer continues to message me, even though I haven’t responded. This was her message to me today: “If u send is doll to me I promise I will pay for is doll.” Like I’m just gonna send the doll and trust her word that she’ll pay! Lol it would be funny if it weren’t so annoying! I have reported her to eBay and opened a nonpaying bidder case as soon as I was able. Now I have to wait until Monday to close the case. I’m afraid to relist the doll because I’m afraid she’ll bid again and I’ll have to go through this all over again!


Block her if it is Ebay.


Thanks, and just blocked her!




Ugh! Does anyone know how to prevent this buyer from contacting me? I have reported her to eBay (twice), blocked her from future bids on my items, and haven’t responded to her messages. However, she keeps sending my multiple messages each day demanding and begging me to send the doll and promising to pay me later! I’ve already gotten 4 messages from her on eBay today alone! It’s now become harassment and is quite annoying! How do I get her to leave me alone? It’s made me scared to relist the doll because I know she’ll just start all over again if she sees it’s relisted!


Report her to Ebay for harassing you.Even if you have to do it by phone.


Good grief, so sorry you are dealing with this nut job. Hope you can get her permanently blocked.

I had a buyer stringing me along with messages but not paying, so I finally blocked and opened a case… which is still pending almost two weeks later, so I can’t relist yet. So annoying…


Wow. I am so sorry that this person is still at this. I do not know why people bid and then do not pay. I have to say though that usually they do not expect the item to be sent. This one is very unusual and as others have said I would call eBay.


That lady sounds nuts!