How do I make Hispanic bub?


How can I make a baby look Hispanic? Anybody have pics of their sweet Hispanic reborn?


Following! :two_hearts:


This are a little dark hispanic. I made this for my nieces one is dark ecuadorian and the other is dark Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian

This was for another Puerto Rican

my elyse and Johseph are my color I’m Hispanic :blush:


For the ecuadorian babies I like to use flesh #6 it has a dark redish color great for indigenous people, but Hispanic come in all shades. If you are looking for a darker tone you would need a darker color. I have done light skin with dark eyes and hair. I grew up in Puerto Rico, so i have seen babies of many colors. In Perto Rico i learned that all babies are born with dark blue eyes and in the first weeks of they change, but after meeting my husband I seen that ecuadorian babies are born with brown eyes. I don’t know what to tell you. Pick a picture of a baby you want to recreate because when it comes to Hispanics there are so many shades. I have 2 nephews from the same parents one blond and white the other black with curly hair.


Gorgeous babies! Thank you so much!!


Here’s mine. This was a custom based on a baby photo.


These are a few that I have done.


This was my Peruvian inspired Baby Eduardo.


I made a Cherokee Indian baby. I think Hispanic people have a similar skin tone? I used a brooke nicole Apricot skin tones tutorial to get my colors :slight_smile:

Here is the kit right after painting…but before hair :slight_smile:


Here is the apricot love a lot skin tone that brooke nicole does :slight_smile:


Each of these babies has a slightly different skin tone, but all three were done using Lara Antonucci’s Hispanic Skin tutorial from Dolls by Sandie.


I had to do a double take …Best Scarlet ever!!!


Aww thanks.