How To Achieving Lighter Hands And Feet On African American Reborn Dolls?


I also wanted to learn how to achieve the lighter hands and feet look on a African American reborn doll that most AA newborn’s have when they are first born. Like this:

So, are there any tips on achieving that anybody’s willing to share?:slight_smile::blush:


I would say just don’t put dark layers on the hands. You probably need to put a little on but not much. Just make sure you blend your arms into the wrists so it doesn’t just cut off the color.


OK, I am just saying all AA babies don’t have lighter hands at birth. But it is a nice look. I do what @lynn says when I want that look.


The way that is done is no dark shade layers on the baby on the palms, soles, lips, backs of hands and tops of feet. I put a single base layer all over except the above areas, then you only put any other layers on the rest of the baby. Personally, I dont put anything except blush and veining on those areas and mottling.


@avyona, seems I remember you putting a link to a youtube site where you have a tutorial? Do I remember correctly or it is it someone else?



Thanks for sharing @jlesser @avyona


What colors do you recommend for a biracial/AA baby?


Thank you so much, @jlesser!