I got a good deal on a bassinet


It looks even nicer in person! Like new. And she threw in sheet set !


Great deal !




Great deal




What a find!


Wow!!! Congrats!!!:confetti_ball::champagne::balloon::tada:




Somebody gave me a fantastic infant carseat and a neutral bassinet with the matress, waterproof pad and two sheets for my dolls a month or two ago. It even has a mobile. It’s not working but the dolls don’t mind. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to buy them at full price and I was incredibly blessed. Especially since none of the thrift stores near me sell any baby furniture to avoid potential liabilities. I’m glad that you were able to find one for a decent deal. They are so nice to have for pictures and display.


Very cute , good deal!!!



Awe how precious is that, perfect for pics and safe keeping.


I got one several months ago for $15 also. It looks like this one except it’s white and cream color. I love having the mosquito net over it to help keep the dust off my dolls. And the storage in the bottom really comes in handy. Gotta love facebook sale sites :slight_smile:


Beautiful! $15 seems to be the going rate of a great deal these days lol. Mine has the staorage pice for the bottom too! I just carried it in haven’t gotten to play with it yet :grin:


That’s an awesome deal! I have two, and I was given them both for free. One is cream colored and the other is solid white. My cat sleeps in the cream one and it’s covered in black cat hair lol He stays out of the white one though for some reason


Oh I adore eyelet lace that is beautiful I also love your baby, is she a keeper? Her dress is stunning too


She’s a gift for someone but I still have her :slight_smile: And the dress was mine as a baby, my grandma gave it and a bunch of my other baby stuff to me for my 18th birthday.


Oh wow what an amazing keepsake, do they have any photos of you in it?


I don’t think so, unfortunately we lost a lot when we moved suddenly when I was young. I do have a picture of my first time with santa though lol And my hospital bracelets and stuff.


There is a Flea Mall here with bassinets for 35, no where near as cute as yours. I think I’ll wait a while.