I got a Knitting loom set


Woman of my word lol @Renauta427 and @nikkiroc I said I would start my own little post if I got one :smile:
I went against your advise and got a Boye .
The reasons being it was 4 looms instead of one and the cheaper of the ones I saw and if this turns out like my knitting needles I wont care so much if they sit for long periods of time .
Now the one I really think is neat is the one that is elevated and turns however it cost more than I am willing to pay just to try something out .

This is the one I got

It does say you can make hats, booties , scarves and more we shall see lol


Save your receipt. They are very hard to work with. Hobby lobby and Michael’s sells their own brands that are much better for about $12-$14. Check out the videos I told you about on YouTube. Loomahat and Tuteate. Let me know if you have any questions!


The other sets have 4 as well.


I looked at several until I was dizzy looking lol and just went with it I think the hardest part will be getting use to one round item in my hand to work with instead of a needle or hook .


I got a similar set! Only made two baby hats so far. I’m not very patient. :rofl:


So what kind did you get ? and pictures wheres the pictures of the hats ? that is what I am going to try for first a baby hat something small lol .
There is a pattern for knitted boot cuffs in the set but I don’t see me making them cute but not my thing I have never been a boot person .


I don’t have any pictures of the hats. Mine just included a tutorial on how to make hats, haha.
Just be sure to get stretchy yarn and don’t pull on it too much. I used stuff that was not stretchy and it was quite difficult to work with.


I love my loom knitters. I only know how to crochet so I bought the looms yo be able to make some knitted items. You will have fun!


I hope so I am used to knitting needles this is a different learning curve lol but thought it would be fun to try and perhaps faster then needles but I am beginning to think probably not :smile:


Being that you are already a knitter I don’t know, the loom might feel more limited. Keep us posted.


I would say not even as close to as fast as you could get knitting needles moving.


This is exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear what happens!


Okay update time I am going between rooting and looming neither is going very fast :smile: I think you might be right on the speed @quiltsabunch but it is rather fun to work it in the round.
I have got it to the point that it is coming out of the loom a little now and I think I am a very loose loom knitter took a pic of my progress maybe it will be done by time I am through rooting and my baby can wear it LOL .

Perhaps I need bigger yarn


So whats keeping you wade in loom along if I can do it it isn’t hard :smile:


Looking great!


Have you ever tried to knit with circular needles or double pointed needles?


Yes I have worked with both I am not a fan of the double pointed I always seemed to have the problem of them sliding off one side or the other .
I think with the loom it is just something bigger to grasp rather than the small needles that makes it a bit easier on fingers plus it is something different lol .


If you get a chance to try bamboo needles give them a whirl. They are a lot less slippery than metal or plastic so should help with stitches sliding off on their own.


Loom knitting is a fairly mindless task once you get the hang of it. I can complete a nice hat in about a half an hour. It’s a lovely pass time that helps me feel productive while I watch tv! You will probably enjoy it once you get used to it and learn how to make different items with the loom as well. It can getting a bit boring to just make hats after a while.

I have to agree with the others though, the Boye looms are terrible. The yarn gets stuck under the lip making it difficult and time consuming to “loop over.” I believe the brand I use is called knitting board and they’re much better! I got them at Michael’s and used a 40% coupon so they weren’t very pricey. :slight_smile:


I must not be doing it right mine hasn’t snagged the yarn yet either that or I am doing it too loose either way it is something to play with and I have seen where there are a lot of the regular knit stitches that can be done with them .