I got a Knitting loom set


Whoa lady… you turned PRO!!! Badass!!! :kiss::heart:️:grinning::kiss::heart:️:grinning:


Lol not soooo fast just looking at it seems could be done that way but until it is tried not a sure thing :smile:


@Reefbubbles may try it since she has some yarn for it. @marrabo what about the cherry? I guess I could crochet one.


I’ve seen these! I mostly make Afghans, infinity scarves, socks and little things for my daughter.


I have crocheted cherries before, I also have red felt kind of poms …


So go for it @Anne @Reefbubbles see what you get I might give one a try but kinda in the middle of something else right now .


Ready… set… LOOM!! @Reefbubbles :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Won’t be home till late tonight :sob:. Hopefully soon. I am currently looming a ballerina


Okokok y’all are killing me! I have to get another loom and learn to use it!!!


Please come loom with us we are having a looming good time, join us!


I will!!! I promise!!!


@Renauta427 @Gabriell
Isn’t this the cutest??? Kitty by @Renauta427 and mermaid @Gabriell
I’m so in love !!!

Crappy pictures but you get the adorableness!


Sure you will :smile:


Total cuteness !!


Aww very cute!!


I will!!! Lolol really!


Hmmmmm :rofl:


So if you are going to try what I suggested on the brim do a purl one knit one ribbing or a purl two knit two rib the three knit and three purl rib is too wide apart for the cupcake paper look .


So here is a preemie one I tried my idea on it is close but that only counts in horse shoes as you can see the ribbing is too wide apart needs to be a knit one purl one or knit two purl two ribbing brim
So it is a try try again thing for later I just used yarn on hand no need to go spend money on something that may not work .


It’s very cute!!! Great try!!!