I got a Knitting loom set


Guess you and I both like chocolate cupcakes lol my second try I have started is chocolate with pink icing then saw you posted yours .
Will show it if I finish it good or bad outcome if its good great if not be good for a laugh at least :smile:


Well my brim is looking a lot better after I lost the knit 3 purl 3 stitches definitely go smaller on the ribbing


So Cake Two lol here it is much improved from first the brim is for sure a one or two not a 3 ribbing lol.

Here is another view.




@Bec1273 nice hat @marrabo That is nice too, I love chocolate so I will be making a chocolate one.

@nikkiroc I did mean baby booties with the 12 peg loom. I am not making adult socks, my grown children would drive me crazy.


Here is my latest loom wip. Just needs her face and hair yet


Her leg got a little twisty…


Oh yeah that is one sweet dancer good job .


Thank you, I made her to match a beautiful onesie with an attached navy tutu :grin:


They give you the tutorial for this hair

But I want her to have hair like this…cannot seem to find that tutorial.


gonna be cute whatever hair you use :smile:


Looks like you could just use a needle and put pieces of yarn through front to back, side to side, all the way around and leave it long… Then tie it up. @Reefbubbles


Look at the doll patterns at the top they show you how to do that hair you want it is just as @hyelah1990 says it is sewn on with a needle I did it on one of mine.


Let me go look right now…
This one is cute too, she is sitting on a loom lol


You just made my night!!! It was there all along, still probably would never have seen it if you hadn’t shown me lol. You are the bomb😍


The one I am talking about is post 56 on here but that looks like it would work


Got your back kid :smile:


One of my next upcoming projects, I want to make a little bit larger one too for exfoliating in the shower, mixing cotton and scrubby yarn


Oh I love crochet those for my dishes, it work so well !


Cute doll @Reefbubbles I need that scrubby thing.