I got a Knitting loom set


That is the one I have coming.


Yes I recalled @Anne posted about it and @Renauta427 approved it lol


Lol, sorry not trying to be the loom police :hugs:. I just have used about all the looms out there over time.


No problem I am a renegade I guess doing my own thing :smile:


You will see how much easier it is without the hooks.


I am not ordering them lol I just re posted Annetes post because I tried to quote and it didn’t work I am sticking with my lovely well used Boye :smile:


That’s what I’m looking for. I see a trip to Michael’s in my future! And a likely purchase from Amazon as well!


Gotcha :wink:


Went to WM today only place to buy yarn. No brown or confetti type yarn. So I guess I will have to make a strawberry cupcake with vanilla icing, lol. But they did have Scrubby Yarn.


Small towns are known for that but the pros out weigh the cons as far as I am concerned I hate crowds and you can order on line and pick up at Walmart on some items .
Brown is a common color everyone must be having chocolate where you live :smile:


Not sure if I mentioned or not but I have a loom knitting group on FB. With lots of sharing and ideas if any of you want to join. Just be sure to answer the questions! We have almost 7,000 members and get lots of requests daily so it’s a wealth of information!


Thanks for the information but I don’t know the answers to the questions so would probably get them wrong :slight_smile: oh yeah and I don’t do Facebook .


Lol, the questions are to weed out computer generated requests. Its thing like tell me about yourself, lol hope you wouldn’t fail that! But I get the no Facebook thing. I held out a long time. Me and my husband share one.


I sent a request. No loom yet (because I’ve only found Boye) but I am eager to get one and give it a go. You ladies are inspiring!


Awesome! I just approved a bunch of requests!


Any certain yarn favorites? Or ones that work better?


This is my DIY pattern for my first loom cupcake hat. Think yellow cake, peanut butter frosting and chocolate sprinkles. The cherry stem is kind of teal but these colors are what I had on hand. It needs a little tweaking but I think it’s not too bad for a trial run.
Baby is a WIP.



Wow you nailed it!
Do you think you will be able to write down what you did for us​:blush::grin:?


looks like a delicious cupcake to me could be carrot cake even with a carrot on it Yum !


You can use pretty much any yarn however if it is not a heavier weight yarn you will have to double it most people here I think are using the 4 0r 5 …