I got a Knitting loom set


Sure. I used a 3/8 inch (space between pegs) 7 inch long rectangular Kb loom. This is a 15 inch baby so you’d have to use a longer loom to make it bigger. Even this is a tiny bit too small. I don’t like wide spaces between the rows of knit stitches. I like the 3/8 gauge because it does finer stitches. I just knit the cake section then did 1 row of knit with the 2nd color. Then I did 5 rows of pearl, 2 rows of knit twice. then 5 rows of pearl and took it off. I tightened the yarn to close the hole at the top and it was done. I did 1 row of single crochet around the bottom to keep it from curling.
I’m looking at adjustable looms that do multiple sizes.


Well that SOUNDS simple enough. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that out for us!


It was pretty easy once I got the hang of the pearl stitch.


Well, my loom came today and I could not wait for Hobby Lobby to open tomorrow. Went to Joanne’s and got some yarn. When I got home I noticed that apparently I was not paying attention and got #6. Will this work for trying to make a hat?


It should be fine as I have doubled my 4 at times to get a bulkier yarn when I have been making things I even tried a new technique today where you made three strands from one ball of yarn so you could have a bulkier yarn without using more than one ball at a time … Of course it may not work on a baby hat I was working on a larger loom at the time .


Jean!!! You rocked it!!!


I closed my FB a while ago. @jeanhai love the Cherry Top hat. Now I need to figure out a pearl stitch, lol. Thanks for the pattern.


Ok you guys have another converted to the loom. I haven’t knitted or crocheted in years. I want to make baby clothes, blankets and clothing for older people. What should I use?


Insert the hook from the top of the stitch on peg draw a loop up through the wrapped yarn from bottom to top take the loop with your fingers lift the new loop hold it and push old loop off peg and put new loop back on peg .
Sound confusing ? most likely lol not good at explaining but it is easy once you figure it out just go look it up on you tube search for purl stitch on loom .
Try this one -


Just get a loom set ( Boye is not a brand that some like )yarn and jump in most loom sets come with instruction and some patterns also go to good old google for information lol welcome in .
Perhaps this one would be helpful to you -


@jeanhai that hat is the cutest and I love the baby too!!! So cute!!!


This is my stitch and pattern practice hat I have been trying different patterns and stitches for a couple of weeks .
This one has purl, traditional knit, ewrap, knit , 1x1 rib stitch , 2 cable cross , and some I do not even remember the name of lol I did not do the herringbone because when I first tried it all it looked like to me was unworked stitches all around :smile:
I also did a different cast off and made the top flat .


That’s super cute.


Thanks I was trying out the different stitches I had learned and threw them into one hat it is a little busy for such a small piece .


Thanks I will check out that video. That pink hat is too cute.


Thanks ! it looked like it would be of help the purl stitch works up different on the pegs than needles so I had to puzzle that out myself when I first started working with the loom .


@marrabo, it seem you are always busy ! Your last one is lovely !

I made a little hat to tight and booties, they fit Alex (Jewel). I also made the dress but need to add buttons.


So cute with the booties to match!


So sweet and it is so funny we both made the hat with a flat top and tassel lol yes I have been working on learning different patterns and stitches for a while and just decided to throw a bunch together .


I think after a while, round hats are all the same and wanted to try something different ! We may do mind reading !