I got a Knitting loom set


It is 3:04 a.m. (central time) and I just finished my first hat. My hand is sore and my back hurts but I have a new hat.


And no picture ? lol sounds like you were pretty determined to finish or dd you enjoy it ?


I did enjoy it. I could not wait for everyone at my house to get up this morning so I could show them. I have had a couple of hours sleep and am now ready to make another one.


Aha hooked lol it is addictive I believe


Haven’t had much time with my loom lately, but I was able to whip up this new exfoliant sponge


I am finishing up my cupcake hat will post a pic tomorrow!


Cannot wait to see!


I made it with a double brim, why I don’t know but it’s done, lol! I followed the pattern from @jeanhai


Wow ! just Wow ! great cake good thing that baby cant eat lol how about some carrot cake now ?


That is so perfect looks good enough to eat lol! You guys are killing me, but I have to get my rooting done first…


You did Great job!!


Thanks! You can’t tell but that is metallic white yarn on top so it is sparkly!


Nice ! where you find that ? My Wally World doesn’t have it .


Yep Wal Mart. It’s Red Heart With Love Metallic white.


Well as I said small town lol they don’t even have the baby yarn now they used to carry it but they have cut the yarn section way down might have to look on line see if they have it there then pick up at the store.
I could use some dazzle :smile:


I wonder if your small town is smaller than my small town? LOL We live off of Route 66. It takes about 10 min to get from one end of town to the other, driving. Walmart is at the beginning. It takes us about 10 min to get anywhere from our house. Gas Station, Bank etc…


Got you beat we do not even have a Walmart lol we have to go to the next town fortunately it is only 6 miles as the crow flies .


LOL, you win!


Couldn’t lose that one we have a casey’s and dollar general that is it on stores not even a grocery love it lol


hahaha! Where I grew up the closest Walmart was 60 miles away :slight_smile: No stop lights in the whole county.