I got a Knitting loom set


Yes that envelope will be fine. My 24 peg loom arrived in a plastic envelope with no padding a couple of days ago!


These are awesome!! I may have to try it.


These are beautiful. :heart_eyes:


Great sending a couple to my new grand daughter I finally have a girl to send dolly’s too :smile:


Thank you!


My first Granddaughter due in April! @marrabo


Yeah congrats sooo fun I have grandsons galore but only the one girl to share babies with and she turns one in January so I am sending lots of dollies her way :smile:
My luck she will be a truck and car freak baseball soccer anything but dolls lol


I have 4 grandsons. :smile:


I have five and after I thought all the babies were here we have one coming if all goes well and God willing right around May or June we do not know yet which sex :smile: another girl fingers crossed lol


Congratulations to your new one too.


Thanks ! you know if I had the chance to trade any of my boys off for a girl baby I wouldn’t they are all such great boys but I did need a granddaughter to offset it lol


I got my other doll finished believe me she looks at least slightly better than the picture :smile:


Sent my grand daughters dolls to her today they will make great chew toys :smile: now I am working on my last one it is just because I wanted to try some beads and stuff it isn’t quite done and I am not liking her pink skin need some lighter pink guess she got a sun burn lol .


Both very cute!


hey I made three which one isn’t cute ? :smile:


Bwuahahaha! :wink:


Oh, I had to scroll up to see the other one, I love her too! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


That;s better :rofl: Thanks !


So here she is DONE so Done :smile: I like the beading will do that again do not like the color of pink I chose if done again I would get a much lighter pink but do not want white that would be too light .
So practice done she is just going to sit around anyway not planning on giving her to anyone so no big deal lol .


I love her, especially her braids!