I got a Knitting loom set


Really nice with the beads in the tail. The pnk is not bad !


Thank you I like the beads too but yeah the pink is not bad but it isn’t good either :smile:


You may want to try a very light peach. It’s good for skin tones.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking too haven’t much selection in my stash right now and not much at the closest store either so if I decide to do more knit babies I will order something for lighter skin tones.


Thanks ! I think she looks a bit drunk must have got some bad water :joy:


Love the pink, light blue would be cute too. :grinning:


Now see I do not like the pink I might like light blue Thanks now you got me wanting to do another one just to check out the blue :smile:


Here’s little Caleb in the little cocoon I made him :slight_smile: I made a matching bonnet too


Now that is just straight out sweet!


Thanks :slight_smile: I used the 24? peg loom for the bonnet and whatever the next biggest size is for the cocoon lol


You did a great job these looms are so versatile when you look at them at first you think of all the round things you can make lol but then you discover hey it doesn’t have to be round .


I like your button bowl.


Thanks funny thing that is the one thing I did not make :smile: it was a gift from my daughter I will have to pass that on she will be thrilled .


Looks like I will be trying that blue fish now someone besides you just came through and loved that pink one too so it went bye bye :smile:


LOL, we are always our worst critic! :wink:


Looks like it Lol well I guess the price was right FREE


I would have bought it for that! :rofl:


you would have got it one of my faults not good at sales lol


I am the same way. I have given my daughters quite a few of my costly babies lately. But they are worth it! I’d give them the moon if I could.

@MilosMeadows That is a cute set. I am still knitting in the round, lol!


So as you suggested light blue do you think it needs a mouth :smile: here it is